The features we are working on right now…

Here’s a list of the Agenda features we’re currently working on (aside from fixing any issues). We can’t tell when they will arrive, but can tell you we have committed to getting them to you in a future update:

Improved Search and Overviews

One of the areas where we have a basic set of features but where we believe a lot can still be improved is search and overviews. This covers a vast area of topics, from faster and more powerful search, on more aspects of a note like being archived or done, to creating more powerful overviews both with more sort options as well as the ability to only show relevant paragraphs so you could for example search on open tasks.

Update: Agenda 19 brings a completely new search interface, faster, simpler, yet more powerful, see it in action… :rainbow:

Integration with Contacts

Speaking of people, similar to how Agenda integrates with the Calendar and Reminders, we also like to bring you integration with the Contacts app where we would like you to be able to link people tags to contacts in your address book.

Update: Agenda 18 adds a new people browser, the first step towards more integrated contacts integration, see it in action… :raised_hands:

Password Protection

We understand that a lot of the things you enter in Agenda are private and you don’t want to others to see. We would like to add the ability to password protect your library. To do this well requires quite some changes under the hood so this one can take a while, but rest assured it is on our agenda.

Update: Agenda 18 brings support for setting a password on your notes and projects, see it in action… :boom:

Tag and People Auto-complete

Right from the start we added some basic ability to add tags and assign people to your notes. The emphasis here is on the word ‘basic’. We hear you when you’d like to see us add proper autocompletion of tags and people, the ability to edit your tags in a tag-browser, and the ability to allow for spaces in tags and people names. Believe us when we say we like to see those options too!

Update: the much awaited auto-completion and tag browser are now available in Agenda 14, see it in action… :tada:

Focus Mode and Multi-Window support

The ability to focus on a single note as well as the ability to open notes in separate windows has been a popular request from the get go. Both are things we’d like to make possible in a future update.

Update: Agenda v17 brings support for multiple windows on both Mac and iPadOS, in combination with a quick way to jump into focus mode for a single note or project, see it in action… :confetti_ball:

Collaboration and Sharing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could collaborate on and share notes with colleagues, friends, and/or other Agenda users? We think so too and we definitely would like to bring such possibilities to Agenda. This isn’t a trivial undertaking, but we have some really exciting ideas in this area.

Update: The ability to share live editable notes between multiple users has been introduced as part of the Agenda 16 update :sparkles:

List manipulation and summaries

More options to work with todo and task lists (collapsible sections, hiding checked items etc), as well as overviews of all checked or unchecked tasks are things we’d like to see as well.

Update: Agenda v10 brings a number of new checklist options under the Edit menu on mac. :confetti_ball:

Table support, Highlighting, and more

The ability to create (simple) tables inside your notes is also something we’d like to add, as well as some additional text formatting options like text highlighting, support for block quotes, code blocks, and a horizontal separator. Mind though, the goal of Agenda is not to replace Word or Pages and become a full-blown word processor, we’ll always strive for simplicity first.

Update: You can now highlight and change the color of text, add block quotes and color code snippets according to the programming language in Agenda 15, see it in action… :tada: !

Localization in other languages and Accessibility

We understand that not everyone is comfortable with English, or simply prefers Agenda to be in the same language as their system. We hope to bring localized versions of Agenda soon. Please let us know if you’d like to help us bring Agenda to your favourite language! Similarly, we would also like to improve accessibility of Agenda, let us know if you’d like to help us test and improve this important aspect.

Update: Agenda by now is available in Dutch, French, German, Spanish, and both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Italian, Portugese, Brazilian Portugese, Polish, British-English, Russian and Afrikaans :partying_face: Help us bring Agenda to your language and leave a message on the page for your favourite language!

Templates and Actions

Templates can be a very powerful to make Agenda fit your workflow even better. We’ve written about it before if you’d like to see some examples of what we mean with that. We’d like to add the possibility to create (basic) templates to Agenda itself. Actions are another extension in the same realm, we added the first action alongside the reminders feature with the \remind shortcut. We will introduce more of such actions down the road.

Update: Version 10.0 of Agenda now contains the ability to create templates, Version 11.0 made this even more powerful thanks to the introduction of actions! And in Version 14 you can even use templates as building blocks for notes! :tada:

Other sync solutions than iCloud

Speaking of non-trivial undertakings, many of you have asked for Agenda to support additional sync solutions aside iCloud and Dropbox. For some iCloud is slow, not available, or blocked, and others simply prefer a different back-end for privacy or performance reasons. We fully understand, and rest assured, it’s something we’d like to offer down the road. Unfortunately implementing and taking on support for additional services is not easy and comes with a big responsibility. Therefore we can’t tell you an ETA or commit to your favorite sync solution yet, other than to say that we are motivated to add at least additional options aside iCloud and Dropbox.

Update: Agenda 10 brought significant speed improvements to syncing using Dropbox :tada:

Web app, Windows support, Android?

In the same realm as different sync solutions, we definitely hear you when you say you would love to see a web app, windows, and/or Android version of Agenda. And yes, in an ideal world we would love to give you those. But we also have to be realistic and with the small team we have we have to pick our battles, not just technically (like implementing the above alternative sync solutions as a prerequisite), but also, can we support all these platforms the same way we can on macOS and iOS. This is all to say that you cannot expect these in the near future, but we are not ruling out bringing them in the future. Just not right now, because this post already shows we have plenty to do for iOS and macOS first.

What if my favourite feature is not yet on this list?

No worries, it doesn’t mean we won’t be adding it, neither does it mean that you for sure have to wait until eternity before it shows. This list is just to cover the main items on our list, there’s plenty of items (big or small, premium or free) that will arrive without ever having been on this list. But even so, 24 hours a day and all that.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and feedback, it’s great to have you on board on our journey to make Agenda even better. Stay tuned!

Alex & Drew

Note that you can’t comment on this thread. If you experience issues or would like to tell us about a feature you’d like to add, please continue to do so. However, always check first if the feature has been mentioned already or whether it appears in the Frequently Asked Questions.