Move checked check box list item to bottom of list


I use the checkbox list for keeping track of my to-do list items. I would love to have the option of once a box is checked, to be moved to the bottom of my list automatically. I think this should be like an optional feature as I see instances when this would not be the ideal behavior. But for my personal use, it will be ideal to have them moved down.

I am currently using Agenda to implement my bullet journal and this will help me migrate those unchecked items to the next note I create.



We indeed received quite a few requests for this and other list manipulation options, we plan to add more options down the line. Thanks for the feedback!


I hope this is added. I love Agenda. I have tried Things, OmniFocus, and Taskpaper. Agenda is the most elegant in implementation and visuals. But without a feature to move checked items automatically, I cannot use it as a task manager. I know that is only one of its potential uses, but I can see this app replacing several at once, for outlines, writing, and GTD. That would be perfect.


This would be a great feature to add. If not automatically, keyboard shortcuts. For reference, uses CMD + Option + [up/down] arrow to move lines or text selections.

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Is there any update to adding this feature to Agenda? I would love to see (or should I say, “not see”… that was a really bad joke for those of you who missed it) this feature soon!

Still very much on the wishlist, no ETA yet I’m afraid.

Hi @mekentosj,
I just want to upvote this feature, using Agenda as task management as well as note taking is superb but without a way to either move completed task to the bottom of the list or even better toggling their visibility it makes it harder to maintain.

As a side question, is there a dedicated place to upvote features? or replying here is the right way?


+1 on this. Haviing checked items move to the bottom would allow for a long term list that could be continuouisly updated.

I would dearly love to see this feature added too.

Upvoting the feature

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This is now possible with Edit -> Checklist -> Move Checked to Bottom

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Is this available on iPhone / iPad?

Is this available on iPhone / iPad?

Only on iPad with a hardware keyboard through the same keyboard shortcut (control-command-B) as on Mac.