Focus/Full-page mode for single note



I would like to focus on a single note and hide other notes from prying eyes (during a meeting for example). Now we do not have a focus mode (like Evernote), or full-page mode for a single note. As a result, I have to hide both sidebars and enter (keep on pressing enter until I have a full page) my note to be focused on.

Thanks for having a look at this. If the functiuonality is available and I miss the point, please let me know.

Focus on one notes

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, we have plans for this type of functionality. Stay tuned!


Just curious, How do you plan to implement this feature?


It’s too early to share a concrete implementation yet I’m afraid, still working this out.


This feature of a FOCUS on a single note would be a winner with me.
I find other notes distracting when using agenda to plan something where i need concentration.
Good work so far, thank you.


This feature would be a huge help for me. Being able to focus on the current note and not all the other notes around it would be huge. Thanks for considering it.


Agree. This would be a nice feature.


We have made some progress and know what we want to do now compared to last December :smiley: There are some other things that we’ll have to do first, but just to let you know there’s something cooking…


Yes, I would really like this feature. Hope you implement it soon!


Yes—this feature would be truly helpful, especially if you tend to get distracted by the multiple projects in your life (and therefore in Agenda as well).


Any news on implementing this focus on single note feature? Thanks!


Still in the pipeline, no ETA I’m afraid. Later this year is what we’re aiming for.


Just to add my name to this list, this is a feature I could really use. Didn’t realize how distracting all those other notes could be…