Focus/Full-page mode for single note

Go brother. Goooooooooooo.

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Still on the list!


Only this feature would be worth premium. Just responding to keep this feature on the radar! :smile:


+1 on this feature. I was just transitioning to Agenda + Things from OmniFocus, and a focus mode is something I am missing greatly.


I also want this. I would definitely pay if it existed.

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I would also like this. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s a great suggestion. Would like it too.

I use Agenda more and more intensively during last two years (thank you, developers, that’s great job!), and I would say Agenda is very close to be one of my three main work instruments.
Surprisingly I found myself writing even specific project related short and middle length structured texts here, which I can turn to Word or Pages docs later, but still keeping main structure entries here. What is left to make it perfect? Yes, and option to work in focus mode…
As for me, it even shouldn’t be a fullscreen mode, but an opportunity to detach a note, like it implemented by Drafts developers, for instance, and it will be pretty fine solution.


We definitely have plans in that direction. Stay tuned!


Plus, open Agenda wirh a new empty note (that‘ll be discarded if not used) like in, again, Drafts.


Kind regards


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I would love this feature!!

The way the current note gets highlighted with the nice-looking rounded box already does a great job of helping me focus. Just need the other notes to fadeaway or disappear, as well as the menu and toolbars.

Ulysses does a great job at this, including typewriter mode, as others have suggested.

I guess this request could be broken up into 3 independent, orthogonal requests:

  1. hide other notes while focusing on current one being edited
  2. hide extraneous UI - mainly system menu bar at the top (on iOS/iPad) and toolbar at the bottom
  3. typewriter mode so current line is always at the middle of the screen
  1. & 2. are a priority for me, while 3) would be nice to have but not as important to me

Certainly some variation of this is in the roadmap. Ulysses is more focussed on writing, where you don’t want distraction. Agenda is more of a power tool where you want to move around a lot, so it is not quite as important for us. But we still want this option. Stay tuned!


Ulysses is more focussed on writing, where you don’t want distraction. Agenda is more of a power tool where you want to move around a lot

I see. I guess I’m a user that may have strayed from your intended use case. I would love to use Agenda as a tool to write the occasional long-form text entry without the power user frills.

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I‘m becoming something of an Agenda power user :relaxed: It has replaced a plethora of other apps for me and I’m not missing them one jot. That being said, of all the features I could wish for, this is the one I‘m rooting for the most. It would allow me to use ›serious‹ writing apps only for ›serious‹ writing, while hacking out anything else distraction-free within Agenda. Please don‘t drop it from your plans :pray:

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It is absolutely still in our plans.

Something to consider for now is just closing the sidebars. You can even make a #focus tag, and a saved search for “#focus”, so you can have an overview with a single note in it, and with the sidebars closed, you can get a long way to a focused mode. Not perfect, but maybe it can fill the gap until we get the real thing.


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Thank you Drew!

That’s a tad cumbersome but resourceful nonetheless. Will try it out while keeping my fingers crossed for the real thing.