Styling the text editor




I know some time back there was a text editor, I forgot which one, where you could edit the basic text styling and layout through opening the app package (Show Package Contents) and style your text in a css file. Is that a possibility with your app as well? I understand that with every update it would be overwritten, but at the moment I’m still going back to Bear app when I need to do some long writing because it just looks more easy on the eye (I can adjust basic typographic styles and layouts there). I would love not to have to switch those 2 apps and just do everything in Agenda… although it might not have been made for that. I understand that it might not be your priority at the moment, so if there is some sort of work-around for me that would be awesome for now.



Right now there’s no way to change the look of the text editor, it’s been often requested and is one of The features we are working on right now…