Now available: Agenda 10.0 with Sharing Extension, Templates, and 5 new languages

Things have not been easy in recent months for many in this crazy world, we hope all of you are safe and well. Of course it has been a bit of juggle to combine acting as amateur teachers with the children at home, while at the same time trying to keep pushing Agenda forward. Perhaps therefore we’re especially proud of today’s version 10 update, a big step forward, worthy the next power of 10.

Share the Joy. Introducing the Agenda Sharing Extension

Agenda version 10 introduces a powerful sharing extension that allows you to share content from other apps like Safari, Photos, Mail, and countless other system and 3rd party apps, directly to your Agenda notes. But even better, it allows you to not just share the content, but while you’re at it, edit your notes directly from within those apps too! Add some thoughts, tick off some list items, and reorganise your note without leaving the app you were working in, it’s all possible now.

The sharing sheet on macOS allows arbitrary edits to any note, and insertion of shared content at any location.

Say goodbye to copy-paste with Templates

The new template feature allows those have purchased the premium features pack to create new notes with pre-filled content. Templates are great for forms, meeting notes, and anything else which begins with some standard text.

Templates can be created using the new Template Manager, but it is also possible to save an existing note as a template. Once created, the template can be used to populate new notes with initial content.

Click and hold the plus button to make a new note from a template (premium feature), great for those notes that have a standard format, like meeting minutes and forms.

5 New languages

Finally, for a number of Agenda community members today’s the day they’ve been working towards so hard! The version 10 update now comes in Spanish, German, French, and both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. We couldn’t be more excited as we know how many have been asking for these!

We are enormously grateful to those who helped us, THANK YOU! They have had to put in an enormous amount of work, and they did so with unbelievable care and speed. They had to be patient as we had to learn things along the way too, testing the water using some new and (very) early Apple technologies, moving to a new translation platform they had to guinea pig for us, and dealing with the opinions of both us and fellow translators they knew from nowhere.

And what a result, the new languages look great, they can be very proud, and we’re convinced many people will enjoy Agenda even more, every day. :clap: :clap:

A bright feature ahead

What might perhaps not be obvious from all the above is that this update was very important for another reason. The sharing sheet especially required significant changes under the hood to be able to run so-called extensions in the first place. Now that this is in place it means we can move much faster when it comes to other features that are implemented as an extension. Shortcuts and Siri support, Spotlight indexing, a Today extension, come to mind for example.

Equally important were all the changes necessary to add support for the 5 new languages we added today. It’s now much easier to add more languages, and in fact many are already on the way. If you would like to help, join the effort!

All about the details

Of course these are the headlines, but as always, there’s lots of small fixes and improvements to enjoy, for example Dropbox sync is now dramatically faster, and be sure to check out the checklist edit menu on mac.

There’s a lot to explore in this update, enjoy!!

Tip: be sure to check out today’s Nested Folders Podcast as well, in which Rosemary talks about the new features in Agenda v10.


Your work is realy great. Thank you! I’ll take sometime exploring the new exciting and important features.

However…no code highlight yet!
Thats one of the most important features that I would like to have in my Agenda. Preformated stinks for real code snippets. Meanwhile I had to adopt Bear for notes with code…

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Ok…so you got out a couple of improvements…take a day off and then get back to some serious developing…



Just wanted to say that the Sharing extension in Agenda 10.1 is just brilliant! You guys have done it really well, and it’s hugely increased the usefulness of Agenda (which I already love). Many thanks!



I got your email about version 10. When I opened the app I found a very nice explanation of all the new features.

I got distracted and later came back but the explanation of the new features had vanished.

Where can I find it?


Great to hear you all like it!

Yes, this is (one of the many things) on the list of The features we are working on right now…

You mean the premium feature overview? You can find it under the Window menu on mac, or from the preferences on both iOS/iPadOS and macOS. Or are you referring to the update notification that is shown before you update, that one can be found here: Release Notes - #34 by mekentosj

The template feature seems very nice. However, it doesn’t seem possible to select a template when invoking the “Create New Note Linked to Event…” option when selecting a calendar event. Without the ability to select a template from that option, this feature is fairly useless for meeting notes (for me). Any chance you’ll add that in the future?


Yes, think that makes a lot of sense, would like to add that indeed.


Yes, please allow the ability to select a template when creating a new note linked to event! :wink:

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The new sharing extension is the best I’ve seen and it showed up at just the right time to help me out. Evaluating and grading student discussion boards is a chore and I’m always trying to figure out a better workflow. I was able to use the new sharing extension to save excerpts from every student’s posts, i.e., their best points from the DB. This allowed me to consolidate them into Agenda and eventually post them into an announcement for all three of my Environment and Society sections so the students would have a summary of the major and important ideas that were expressed. Great job on the update!


So happy you like it that much, thanks for sharing!

Thank you for creating the new Templates feature. I’ve wished for such a feature since I began using Agenda last fall. That said, I’d like to make what I hope is a simple suggestion to improve it. It would be way more useful if I could insert the content of a template into an existing note (ideally as another choice on the insert button that lets me insert links, photos, etc. at the current cursor position), for the following reasons:

  1. I am still not in the habit of holding down the + button and waiting for my list of templates to appear, meaning I hit the + button, get a new and empty note, and then think “rats, I was supposed to have held + down!” I’ve been struggling with this for days, trashing notes, and just feeling frustrated about the situation.
  2. I REALLY like the fact that when I create a new note (with a quick tap of the + button), it defaults to showing today’s date as the note’s title, and automatically adjusts that date if I set the note’s date to something other than today. New notes created from a template automatically get the title of the template, and I’m not finding any way to automatically use that nifty automatic date-titling feature. Therefore, if I could just create a new, empty note, and then insert the body content of the template of my choice after the note has been created, that would be an ideal workflow for me.
  3. If the above was implemented as an additional choice on the Insert menu that allowed me to choose a template whose body content would be inserted at the location of the cursor, that would allow multiple short templates to be easily combined in a single note, which would be a helpful feature.

Thanks for keeping on with progress on the app.


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Thanks for the feedback, we’ll think about it indeed.

Excellent work, thanks. Agenda keeps getting better and better

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