Code Highlighting



Is code highlighting ever going to be supported? This, of course, would require a greater sense of what language is being used. It could be done how markdown does it, like so:

def func(self):
    # body


This is indeed a popular request, thanks for the suggestion!


I would be greate if you could add this feature in the future release!
I usually use Agenda save my code snippets, but it’s a little bit hard to see with all black plain text. :sweat_smile:


Another vote for this. Would love to have something like GFM fenced code blocks where the language can be specified. Bear does it. Not suggesting you do everything the way Bear does :wink: Also realize that Agenda isn’t a Markdown editor but surely there could be a new style for code blocks.


+1 for code highlighting!! Please move that feature up in your requests list. That’s a must for anyone how uses agenda to store code snippets. Thanks


+1 for code highlighting from me too, dont have to be colorized, just boxes around code fragments like in markdown


+1 for code highlighting


+1 for code highlighting

Even just display the tick surrounded text in a greyed box would make it easier to spot the quoted text. (like how the Bear editor handles it).