Could we get a really basic Apple Watch app?



I own no Apple Whatch but I wonder how it could be useful to have Agenda on a Watch. Not everything what might be possible should be made. There are plenty other ideas and features that would be/are more useful - well, it is my opinion.


I use my watch to quickly review my notes before meetings when I don’t want to be disrespectful by pulling out my MacBook or iPhone (yeah, it’s a thing in certain business environments). Also, for shopping lists :slight_smile:

I currently use the Bear app. With it you can also quickly append notes with dictation.


I’m a huge Apple Watch fan, but have found very few of the apps provide real value: they are basically gimmicks that serve as a sales feature. In fact, I’ve found only two that are truly useful, both because they have a watch “complication” of real value:

  • Fantastical, in which the complication displays the next event, or if the rest of the day is free.

  • Things 3, in which its complication gives a graphical indication of task completion for the day, and when selected brings up a list to check off completed tasks. This obviously is useful only if the task titles are short and the list not too long.

The bottom line is that any new watch app should do something so compelling that you would be willing to sacrifice one of the very limited complication spaces for it, or that the very limited display area presents enough useful data so that that it’s not easier to just whip out the phone to get a real view.

Agenda would have to come up with something really compelling on the watch, which I just don’t see. I would rather the development team focus on more substantive features.


Drafts 4 has a Watch app. It lets you scroll through the notes, which isn’t very much use. BUT, it also allows you to dictate a note, straight into the Watch, which then sends it to the inbox for later handling. This is actually quite handy.
A similar Agenda Watch app could send it to On the Agenda.


Interesting feedback from all posters. Thanks!

Certainly gives us something to think about.


I use notes on my watch when I work out in the gym. I write down my training routine and then I don’t have to take my phone to the gym to quickly check what exercise is next. Also I use it for shopping lists. A basic watch app would be great, now I must use Bear for this.


Seems like looking at notes on a watch would be pretty limited. There is so little space there.

But how would you like that to work? That you can somehow go through your projects to find a particular note, to look at that? Or just some way to say “Put this note on my watch” from in the iPhone app?



I think it could work the same way for example how 1 Password works - you must select on your phone which items you want to have on your watch. This adds tags to the items on your phone and you can now see the items on your watch until you remove them again via your phone. This would enable for anyone to have the most important notes from Agenda on their watch, if they choose so.



I use Zoho’s Notebook application to take voice notes. Once in the iPhone, iPad or Mac application, it can be easily transcribed using the integrated system.

It’s very practical!

You can also use the checklists and see the notes.


+1 Vote here. With the “Inbox” or somewhere to dump ideas.


I recently just bought an Apple watch and have been looking at a good app that syncs across all 3 platforms (Mac, iPhone, Watch). I like Agenda’s UI design for it’s functionalities and simplicities. I currently uses it for work. It would be nice to have the ability to make to do lists with reminders and the ability to check-off things on my watch.


I’m still figuring out how to use Agenda, but it’s a great app I can see replacing 3 (!) other apps for me: task management, journal, and notes. From my use so far, I can see two reasonable use cases for the Apple Watch that wouldn’t be impractical:

  1. Adding new journal entries: the Day One watch app allows adding entries by dictating, writing, or attaching a location. It doesn’t allow viewing or editing them afterwards, which is reasonable given the screen size. Agenda could implement this similarly, with basic UI for choosing a project (or maybe just send all notes to a special Watch overview in the iOS app for review?), and a way to link the note to a current calendar event or location.

  2. Viewing lists of tasks: since better support of tasks, including overviews of unchecked items, is on the list, it would be nice to also be able to see such a list (e.g. all unchecked items on the agenda) on the watch, and be able to tick them off.

I think the above would provide two very clear-cut pieces of functionality that are perfect for the Apple Watch, without bloating it with stuff like a browser for all notes, editing, etc.


Good feedback. Thanks!


Id love to see a basic agenda watch app as well. A complication that allows access to your basic agenda or today views, and a simple button to hit for a quick addition of an item to either list with a voice input function.

The watch is a place to get quick acess to the things that matter in the moment now. I dont think having the ability to shuffle through projects is important, that work should be done on the phone. The beauty of agenda is the agenda view, and you should set yourself up on the other devices for whats accessible via the watch.

I love having a list on my watch when i am teaching or presenting. A short outline of points to make or things to cover. Being able to open an item on the agenda to see the notes within (an outline for instance) would be incredibly useful for me. The other half is being struck with inspiration in a moment and wanting to quickly jot the thought down without pulling out my phone. “Sushi icecream!” spoken and recorded, assigned to on the agenda or the today list.

The Things and Bear app are both great examples of a very successful watch app in my opinion. Streamlined, simple, access and input, but just with the Agenda workflow! Oooohh, it would be radical.


Can you really see enough on a watch face for it to be useful? I even find the iPhone screen a bit limiting to look at a long checklist. I could imagine a single note on the watch could go on forever.

I do see that it could be good for quick capture. We have plans to work on quick entry soon.


I think that the best use for an Agenda watch app would be for…

  1. Lists - subsection/project that only sync to the Apple Watch. So you aren’t going to get full notes on the watch and as you have previously stated, could be scrolling forever. The lists project can just be shopping lists, todos, bullet point notes etc. Accessible from the Apple Watch in a bullet point, numbered or checklist format - this would be so helpful!
  2. Speech to text dictation note, which is then sent to the inbox for further development later on the iphone/iPad. Sometimes you just don’t have access to another device and this would be perfect. Apps such as bear, noted and some other todo apps offer something like this already.

Hope this feedback helps. I am loving Agenda on the iPad with keyboard support, my note taking has improved so much since I started using your app.


Something like Notes Watch interface populated with selected notes from Agenda and a quick dictate option would be sufficient.

It’s important it works standalone without phone.


+1 vote for lists and speech to tect dictation note!


The ability from Bear’s watch app to tick off checklists in synced notes looks useful.


Choose one saved search (could be Onthe Agenda) to sync to watch, display list of notes, click on list to view notes, Bear like ability to tick off checkbox items. Force push to dictate to append to note or create a note. Handle URLs by passing them off to the watch. If someone opens a long note on the watch, assume they know what they’re doing.