Checklist Reordering



One thing i’d find helpful is the ability to reorder items in a checklist. As a previous Things convert, I liked being able to manage priority of the the incomplete items by dragging the most important items up top within the list as priorities changed.

As others have said before…it would make a huge difference being able to easily search by unchecked items. Right now I’m tagging items and having to search by those tags to see what’s still outstanding, checking them to be done, and deleting the tag. I prefer using the checklist than a tag alone to differentiate open items, but right now it’s just creating more work.


I am cutting and pasting checklist items instead of moving them around - not ideal.

Not sure this is supposed to be a Things replacement though.


This is a frequent requests and have plans to add more options when it comes to dealing with lists, see The features we are working on right now…


@johnwolf – Agreed. I’m more speaking from being able to consolidate multiple tools into a single application. Agenda is not a Things replacement, but to the extent of keeping a more generic (non-project specific) checklist of items, for my purposes, Agenda can step in for Things with a little more flexibility and controls over how you manipulate, track and search on checkboxes. I’m not a big user of the “On the Agenda” feature except to have a static single note of global checklist items that I mentioned which I use as an ongoing generic to-do list…similar to the “Today” function in Things.

Still figuring my way around…open to suggestions


Please add easily accessible key strokes to move items up and down lists. This is important. Thank you.


I wish to add my endorsement for a feature to reorder list items. I fully understand and support the “keep it simple” model of app development. My attraction to Agenda is partially based on it’s simple design.

I believe this ‘reordering’ feature will not add to complexity on the UI level. I’m not a developer and thus completely unaware of the coding obstacles that must be overcome to accomplish this feature request. As a user, I can say that using my finger to move an item up or down on a list is intuitive and will not violate the over-arching goal to maintain app simplicity.

For now, my natural tendency to organize task lists is being awkwardly altered to accommodate the lack of this feature. I could go back to one of the four apps I’ve replaced with Agenda, but that would add the very complexity that I wanted Agenda to eliminate.


See The features we are working on right now…, we do want to allow these kind of list manipulation options, “just” need to work ourselves through the list and eventually get there…


I still think reording list items should be easier than cut and paste. How is this not a feature that everyone is clamoring for? Am I missing an easier way to move list/bulleted items around??? Thanks for any updates.