Choice of fonts



Will there be an option to choose a different font (or a different default font) for your notes? The default font is nice but a liitle too wide for my taste. Love the styling of the Related and the Sidebar pane’s titles though.


We’ll probably add more configuration options down the road. Thanks for the feedback!


Your lack of font choice is a deal-breaker for me. An application like this is one which you live can’t be aesthetically displeasing, and frankly I detest the Avenir font, no matter how enamored of it you and your designer may be.
If you could let me know when this changes, I’d appreciate it; but your answer on this thread doesn’t spread much hope.

Having been a great fan of Lotus Agenda which dates me back 30 years ago, I’ve been looking for something similar. If this is where you’re headed it would be good to know. Lotus Agenda 2.0 was apparently too complicated for the general run of consumer software users, unlike their 1-2-3 spreadsheet application.


We’ve had very few people react so strongly against Avenir, though being able to change the editor font is a frequent request. We’ll get to it but have bigger fish to fry first, such is life with 24 hrs in a day and four hands I’m afraid. Best to keep an eye on The features we are working on right now…


I know we all have our own tastes, but I’m sorry to see that Avenir has received this reaction - for what it’s worth, I think it’s a good clean font & I like using it. Just saying, in case no-one mentions it & you think the criticism is a general opinion :wink:


I like Avenir per se, but for some reason not in Agenda. Can’t put my finger on it. But I’d welcome an option to change the font.



I would be glad to use Calibri, or any font from iOS library (since iOS 7, you can install fonts to iOS)


Unfortunately Avenir works just horrible in Cyrillic.
Could you tell me in which of the files in the Contents folder can I find information about the fonts? For me it would be more comfortable to work with some monospace font. I would like to switch Avenir for something more readable. Then I’ll happily switch to the paid version.


At this moment it’s not possible to switch fonts, we hope to bring more options in the future.


How can I make the font bigger?


How can I make the font bigger?

On the Mac you can do this under the View menu, or using the shortcuts cmd-plus and cmd-minus. On iOS you can change it the Agenda preferences (using the button in the lower left corner of the Related side panel on the right.


I agree. Avenir is actually easy on the eye to me. Although, Being able to change the font is VERY important. Still Love the app, and use everyday! Thank you!


The density is an issue for me. I also like using OpenDyslexic for my own needs. This is almost a deal breaker. I’m finding myself pretty tempted to go back to regular apple notes because of edit interactions being clunky, not having a choice of bullet styles, and the font style