Horizontal Rule


Can we get the ability to add a horizontal rule within a note please?



This has been requested a few times indeed, thanks for the feedback, we’ll see what can be done.


That would be great. My vote too :blush:

Agreed! Would be wonderful.

Would love this feature!

Please add this feature. It’s pretty essential when trying to segement documents.

I’d like this too please

Another vote for Horizontal Rule please, it is one of the most common things I have to add externally after exporting a note. It would be great to have all the formatting done prior to export.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Another Vote for the HR? This cannot be that difficult!

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Agreed! Hope this would be implemented as well… I need to make a separate thread for Quoted text blocks as well unless someone has any good suggestions/work arounds…

Adding support for this request, I think it would be really helpful to visually break up sections or parts of notes.



+1! It’s been almost a year and a half since this was requested - any update?

Not at this moment I’m afraid, still on our wishlist but other things have a higher priority at the moment I’m afraid. See also The features we are working on right now…

I really hope you can get around to it soon - a horizontal separator is really useful. I use it a lot in other apps. Saves starting a separate note.

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