Assign Person name with space

I have a request that it’s very easy to apply if you consider it: Being able to assign a person name with a space. For example in a meeting there are 2 persons with the same name “Felipe”, so I would like to Assign a “Felipe xxx” and “Felipe xxx” to distinguish between them. The app doesn’t permits the space, so I have to name the “FelipeXXX” all together.
(Sorry for my english, I’,m not native)


Thanks for the feedback. We will discuss this. It has some technical challenges.

As I workaround, you could use FelipeA and FelipeW. Ie an initial for the surname.

Thanks again!

Thanks! That can be a workaround. Would be nice also to have some sort of space to edit tags and person names, and not having to enter to each note to do it. What I mean is that if I assign FelipeW and after a while I want to change that name to “Felipe”, I could do it in one place and all the notes update the name


Yes, a tag manager is certainly on the radar.



The Bear app manages spaces in tags using the closing # syntax, you could use a closing @ to do the same with mentions in Agenda app; just an idea.


I would also recommend Bear’s implementation or similar. Agenda already imports attendee names from calendar. It would be great to automatically tag the people, but currently, it’s not possible to even manually tag them.


I’d like to vote for this feature as well, if possible. I love the feature where creating a new note from an event includes the invitee list, but when I use it, I have to edit each of the names to remove the space (CamelCasedName) and assign the person. Not overly time consuming, but it does add some boilerplate to an otherwise stellar workflow.

Were Agenda to automatically generate these person tags when creating a note from an event with invitees, that would be even better.


@diegonavarro any update on this? Similar issue with tags

A simple solution (I think) would be to quote names:

@“Diego Navarro”

I don’t think people have quotes in their names, except perhaps Ted “Theodore” Logan

Quoting doesn’t work.
A workaround seems to be using underscores as spaces: @Ted_Logan

Sorry for the confusion. I meant quoting as a possible suggestion for a future approach. But yes, underscores work well today :slight_smile:


Was there ever any progress on this?

Auto tagging people in calendar meetings would be a HUGE timesaver.

Would Template help here??

No it wouldn’t because there’s a) not yet the possibility to have spaces in person tags (the workaround is to use underscores, or CamelCase) and there’s also not yet a direct integration with the Contacts app. Both are among The features we are working on right now…