Assign Person name with space



I have a request that it’s very easy to apply if you consider it: Being able to assign a person name with a space. For example in a meeting there are 2 persons with the same name “Felipe”, so I would like to Assign a “Felipe xxx” and “Felipe xxx” to distinguish between them. The app doesn’t permits the space, so I have to name the “FelipeXXX” all together.
(Sorry for my english, I’,m not native)


Thanks for the feedback. We will discuss this. It has some technical challenges.

As I workaround, you could use FelipeA and FelipeW. Ie an initial for the surname.

Thanks again!


Thanks! That can be a workaround. Would be nice also to have some sort of space to edit tags and person names, and not having to enter to each note to do it. What I mean is that if I assign FelipeW and after a while I want to change that name to “Felipe”, I could do it in one place and all the notes update the name


Yes, a tag manager is certainly on the radar.



The Bear app manages spaces in tags using the closing # syntax, you could use a closing @ to do the same with mentions in Agenda app; just an idea.