PDF embed support in a note

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As it says here that file support is coming soon can you add the ability to embed PDF’s as well as have the option to edit them right inside the note? I need this for school and having all my papers scanned into Google Drive isn’t working for me. What I mean by edit is to type inside the PDF as well as draw inside and having it act as a overlay so I can get rid of it if it’s not needed anymore or if I ever needed to print the file again.

Here is an example below:

Initially, you won’t be able to edit the PDF, no. You will be able to put it in Agenda, and have it sync, but not change it directly. You would need to export it, then change it, and import it again.

My advice would be to edit the PDF in some PDF tool, and when it is ready, move the result into Agenda.

I can live with that.

Ok, so I can put it inside agenda but can’t edit but will you still have the embed support like I have above? I need that one.

Yes, you will be able to add PDFs to notes and have them be shown like that. We won’t have annotation features, perhaps down the road.

Ok, cool thanks for the reply!

A timeline for this feature?

We’ve added the ability to add PDFs to your notes in version 4.