Premium Customizations



Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased Agenda premium, and I’m loving it! As a longtime Evernote power user, there is however, one major feature missing for me so far: font and color choices.

Perhaps you can fold this into the premium membership? Most importantly, I would like to be able to customize the font size as it is too small for me to read without straining my eyes. Having an option to color code parts of the interface would be great as well!

Thank you, and I’m happy to support the development of this app!


Font size and choice is a high priority. Thanks for the feedback!



Update: In the 2.1 update it will be possible to change the text size of your notes just like a web browser (under the View menu, or by typing CMD+ and CMD- shortcuts):

Choose a larger font, or more compact version than the default:


Awesome! Glad to see the Agenda Team adjusting for community feedback :slight_smile:


Are we going to have font color adjustable soon?


Inline images and support for attachments first, see The features we are working on right now…