Feature Request: Attachments to Agenda notes



Use case: Using Agenda to take meeting minutes and I need to attach documents to notes. These documents may be images, PDF, MS Office, etc… In addition, I need to add images inline in the notes.



Hi Deon,
Thanks! Yes, this is a high priority for use.

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I know this is a high priority, but just to make sure, would drap and drop emails be supported? (iPad) That would be a great help for me. Devonthink has one of the best email import on iOS if you want to have a reference. Thanks!


Thanks, we’ll have a look.


I’m really pleased to let you know that you can now add attachments to your notes, see:


Thank you for this — attachments and images are what I wanted most in Agenda. Et voilà! Now we have it. Thank you Agenda crew!