The issues we are fixing right now…


Here’s a list of issues in Agenda we’re currently working to fix, we will do our best to get these in the next update but sometimes an issue can take longer to fix and it can be difficult to tell when it will arrive. We can however tell you we are committed to getting it fixed:

Performance while, scrolling, editing and undo

Some are experiencing slowdowns of the app when editing or scrolling text large notes (especially with long lists). Also, the undo system is not yet where we’d like it to be. Both require some bigger changes to the text system, but we’re keen to improve performance of both over time. Update: Major improvements to undo are on the way and currently in beta.

Performance when having many calendars and events

Those who have many calendars and/or events, for example in an environment where meeting rooms have a calendar, can experience significant slow downs under certain conditions. We’re eager to remove the underlying bottlenecks that cause this. Update: The upcoming 4.1 update (currently in in beta should already show significant speed improvements when dealing with the calendar, more coming!

What if my issue is not yet on this list? Are you not going to fix it!?

We’re keen to fix all issues. So if it’s not on the list we will do our best to still fix it ASAP. This list is just to cover the main items that have been mentioned and to save you from reporting it too. Of course we’re also listening to your feedback and adding additional and missing features.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and feedback. We’re very sorry if you are experiencing an issue with Agenda. We are keen to solve it as quickly as possible!

Alex & Drew

Note that you can’t comment on this thread. If you experience issues or would like to tell us about a feature you’d like to add, please continue to do so. However, always check first if the issue has been mentioned already or whether it appears in the Frequently Asked Questions.

The features we are working on right now…
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