All notes in notebook get deleted upon undo



This has happened twice - thankfully I’ve caught it in time and have able through some undos to get my data back. Here are the steps:

  1. I create a new note and paste in content from a website
  2. I undo the note and I loose all of the notes in the notebook

I’m pretty sure these are the steps. It’s happened twice and freaks me out each time. I don’t think it can be replicated each time, so I’m not sure what makes this happen. Hopefully, this willl give you something to go by, and perhaps others have experienced something similar.


Hi Steve,
Are you certain the notes are actually gone? Or is there just a glitch in the interface. There is a know paste issue where the note doesn’t expand to show the text. We are working on that one.
Perhaps just scroll up and down, and change projects, and see if the notes are there after all. I would be surprised if they all just disappeared. More likely there is an issue in the interface, and they are not showing. (A relaunch would probably fix it.)
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Yes, I scroll down the page in the notebook and there’s nothing there. Then, if I undo several times, the notes come back. It’s happened twice now. Obviously it’s not something I’m not too keen to try and replicate.

I had relaunched and even re-started the computer between the two times that it happened. I can’t be sure of all the exact steps because I really wasn’t paying that much attention. But definitely in both cases it was right after a paste. I most definitely definitely choose delete, either through a shortcut, the menu, or the button in the bottom right.


I’m a bit confused now. You are choosing “Delete”? That will delete the note. Is that what you want?

If you add a note, and then undo, that note will get deleted again. You are undoing the adding of the note.

I don’t think there would be a case where all the notes disappear, but that could be a display bug. My guess is that the notes are there, but the display is messed up. We are looking into a fix for these types of issues. For now, changing to another project, and then changing back should fix it.



Sorry. Typo. Meant to say I definitely did not choose delete.


I just had a really weird undo experience as well: I was working on a note with several items in a bulleted list. I wanted to undo a formatting problem. The first time I hit Cmd-Z, it did nothing. A couple more times, and suddenly it had removed several bullet points in one go. Hitting redo (Cmd-Shift-Z) didn’t bring it all back.


Yesterday I had something similar. Deleted an item in a bulleted list but could not bring it back by undo.


Thanks for reporting these, indeed undo is an area we know we still have work to do, see The issues we are fixing right now…


Thanks for reporting. Will do some tests. Seems we are not forcing a snapshot when a new line is created.