Agenda for iOS is here! Now available from the iOS App Store 🎉



I’ve been awaiting this with much anticipation!


So excited for this and wish you guys the best. It actually feels like you might change the landscape.


I am really looking forward to it.


Hope it’ll be in the Australian store!

Can’t wait!


It’s already: :smiley:


Wow thanks heaps. It wasn’t coming up for me… I guess due to pre-release.


Is there any difference between the current beta and the version coming live on App Store? If not, then there is really no hurry to ”upgrade” to the official version, or…?


Yes, in principle they are identical. Also after the launch we’ll continue to first push beta versions through test flight, so in the end it depends on whether you’d like to keep being a beta tester or prefer to stick with official releases only.


I think I’ll keep on beta-testing then. :smiley:



Congratulation!!! (y)


Got it on 29th!
Amazing start, smooth usage, great aesthetics.
Thank you guys😀


+1 and a huge thank you - the number one reason for not having to take my Apple MBP and quite happy I can use my iPad while traveling or remote. :slight_smile:


awsome job guys! :grinning:


Downloaded both Mac and iOS apps today, and paid the premium within a few hours. Fits very well with my way of thinking, and I’m happy to pay for good, well-designed software… and Agenda is an absolute pleasure to work in.

I look forward to seeing how things develop. Image attachments would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you all for your amazing support and enthusiasm!


Just discovered the app and I really like it.

The only thing missing so I can use it everyday is images and documents attachments. Once that comes I’ll buy the premium features.

In the future, other then Atachments, only missing dark mode and auto dark mode, password protect, pencil and draw support and Apple Watch app (not to write notes but to see the ones you allready have in the app at least)

Keep up the excellent work. Anxious to see new incoming updates…


Thank you! All your requests are in fact on the list of The features we are working on right now…


No… I thank you guys. Got another fan and customer!!!

Like the aesthetic of bear but could never like it for everyday use (don’t know why but it doesn’t connect with me) so been looking for quite some time for an alternative and as soon o tried agenda thought “this is it” found the notes app I was looking for


Very much looking forward to being able to use images :blush: