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Translators: @alvaro87 @Fer1 @Kathleen_T_Burns @brauliop.3 @goliliana @Pako @slbrito @joseantoniolopezpaye @jorge2 @unexpectedly @leongeyer

Status: European Spanish available from version 10.0, Latin American Spanish in progress.

This topic is for discussion the Spanish translation of Agenda. Feel free to leave your suggestions, corrections, and comments here.

Want to help translate Agenda to Spanish? Reply to this post and we’ll add you to this translation project.

Do you encounter any issues, have suggestions or comments, leave a post here as well, your feedback is highly appreciated!


Ready to collaborate!!

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count on me :wink:

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Let’s start translating! :upside_down_face:

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I’m down!
Literal translation: Estoy bajo
The right translation: ¡Le entro!

So let’s do this :blush::+1:

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I’m in!

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¡Es un honor estar a sus órdenes capitanes!
(Yes sirs, captains sir! Gladly at your service!)


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Ok, I can traslate Agenda to the spanish, no problem. Thanks!

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You have my sword, and my bow, and my axe!


I wouldn’t go as far as asking for a separate spanish translation set for both Argentinians and Uruguayans, but I definitely would point out the need to distinguish between Spaniard spanish and Latinamerican spanish.

Nobody from Tijuana (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:dare I say Chicago?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) all the way down to Patagonia calls their computer an “ordenador”; we’d rather say “computadora”. We don’t accentuate the “i” in video either.

This is more important (more margin for error) with splash screens and dialogues where the developer has the space to write full sentences, than is the case with buttons, of course.

Same goes with all those lovely extra vowels when comparing UK english with US english.

Not trying to be a smarty-pants here.
Just saying; I could be wrong and I’ve ZERO developer expertise.



You’re right. There should be different localisation projects.


Count me in.

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Que sí! Hablo el español los miércoles!

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Update: The Spanish localization of Agenda is now officially underway :partying_face:, with @joseantoniolopezpaye, @alvaro87, @brauliop.3, @goliliana, and @Kathleen_T_Burns taking a first stab at the first round of translation. As outlined here , we’ll add a number of reviewers once they have concluded the first round and will give all of you access to the test builds as things progress. We’re looking forward to your feedback. To be continued…

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Agreed–Spanish should be split into two variants, especially since technical vocabulary varies a LOT in Spanish. The same goes for English, for that matter. MacOS also uses two Spanish variants, and it’d be nice to match Apple’s standards if we have the people for it.

Overview :arrow_right: Panorama

On the Agenda :arrow_right: En la agenda

Today :arrow_right: Hoy

Search All :arrow_right: Búsqueda global

Bin :arrow_right: Basurero

Inbox :arrow_right: Bandeja de entrada

New Project in Category :arrow_right: Nuevo proyecto categorizado

Add a new project to category ___ :arrow_right: Añadir nuevo proyecto a categoría ___

Edit category :arrow_right: Editar categoría

Change the name or color of this category :arrow_right: Cambiar nombre o color de esta categoría

Add Subcategory… :arrow_right: Añadir subcategoría

Delete Category :arrow_right: Eliminar categoría

Uh-oh: design bug found here.
Create a subcategory in category____ :arrow_right: Crear subcategoría en la categoría ___

Rename “___” :arrow_right: Renombrar “___”

Copy As… :arrow_right: Copiar como…

Share… :arrow_right: Compartir

Print :arrow_right: Imprimir

Add to Siri :arrow_right: Agregar a Siri

Archive Project :arrow_right: Archivar proyecto

Show Info… :arrow_right: Enseñar información

Contains ___ Notes :arrow_right: Contiene ___ notas

Move to bin :arrow_right: Tirar al basurero

I can see that Finder indeed has an es.lproj and es_419.lproj, the latter being for latin America. Once the main spanish translation is there we can duplicate and create the 419 variant.

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I believe we have found and fixed that one indeed, @drewmccormack can you confirm?