Extract todo items from notes



Besides using Agenda as my main note taking app for all kinds of stuff, I also moved my todo lists over to Agenda now.

I usually have one "todo list note” in each project plus I have an “Inbox” note for uncategorized things and one “Today” note for things I need to focus on today.

I added a todo tag to each of those notes and saved a search for the tag to the sidebar. Like this I have a pretty good overview over all my tasks, or for more focus, I can put some of those notes “on the agenda".

I actually love the fact that Agenda is NOT a todo app, because it lets me rearrange the todos as I wish and add notes and text anywhere, as it’s just text and editing text is quick and easy. The structure that todo apps impose is often limiting and then I tend to fiddle around more with the todo app instead of being productive.

One feature I could imagine though would be to automatically extract todos/checklist items from notes and show them in a central place. I recently discovered that Dropbox Paper does this, while remaining “just text” as well.

The features we are working on right now…

I love Agenda for the same reason :slight_smile:

The idea of filtering to show only check items in searches is on our list to look at in future. We also have some ideas about powerful editing commands, such as copying/cutting of unchecked items, so you can move to a different list, or paste at the top.

Thanks for sharing!


I have been tagging ToDo’s and using a saved search to quickly get to them, but it’s frustrating that the entire note that has a given tag is shown in the resultset. I’d much prefer it grab the text where the tag starts and end at that paragraph or list item.

I’ll have to try your approach of having a note for To Do’s (only) in each project, but I suspect the loss of context will make it not as helpful. Most of my notes are taken during a meeting and so each note can be fairly lengthy.


Yes, a summarized search with just the paragraphs that match is on our list of todos.


Thank you! Please hurry!


+1 for “find unfinished checklists.”

Would love to have a way to quickly locate a note that has an unchecked item on it. Ideally as a search parameter, so I can make a “Not Done Yet” search.


Yes, would be good to have search options related to checklists.


Agreed. A “smart” list which showed all checkmark items (and perhaps what project/note they were associated with) would be very very nice. Please +1 this issue and elevate the feature’s priority. Thanks!


Just wanted to say, I second (or third?) the request to have a central place for “uncompleted TODOs” from all notes and projects.
This way one can make sure they didn’t miss anything.

Aside that, I love Agenda.


I think we would likely solve that with more advanced search options, but we would like to solve it some way. Stay tuned!


I’d love to have a Tasks entry (next to On the Agenda, Today, Search All, etc). I think an advanced search option would not be ideal since it would probably return all notes with unfinished checklist items.

What I think would be more powerful is something like Dropbox Paper where it displays only a list of tasks (along with the note title), but not the entirety of the notes (like search).



Thanks! Yes, a summarized search along these lines is certainly something we would want too. Stay tuned!


+1 for this feature. I’d also like to be able to automatically extract them in a way that I could push them into other applications through apis. For example, I use remember the milk for my todo list and it would be great to run a command or something similar from the command line to extract and push the formatted todo into another system.


Simple +1 and I would like to do the same for tags in general not show the full note. just the “paragraph” that was tagged with a link to the full note.


At least a search guys, this really would take the product to the next level. If we can already search for tags and save it, why not for checked/unchecked items?


No reason, just a question of balancing it with other features. We would certainly like to improve the search, and have ideas about it.


Great idea about adding a separate todo list for each project.