Add color to your note taking with Agenda 15

Want to see what’s new in Agenda 15? In this video I’ll go over the new text editor and iOS16 features we added…



You guys really justify the subscription. Thank you!


Thank you for your support @victorjliew, happy to hear that! :blush:

I have just tested the highlighting and background colors on the notes. I have missed the possibility to highlight text, so I am very satisfied. And even with different colors. Great!
The only issue is that I cannot get the transparency function work. I only get 100% opacity when I choose a custom color. The preset colors are working well, both in dark and light mode because they are transparent.

The preset note background colors are good in light mode, but hardly showing in dark mode.

I have also set a custom color to a project category, and it turned out very well. I am very fond of colors.

I think it is worth paying for Agenda not only because of the premium features. I see it as I support all the development. I am using Agenda as my main note taking app. It helps me think organized. And the highlighting makes it even better to quote text and work with it.

I am using iPad Pro. Have not tested on iPhone yet.

I have similar feedback on default list of highlight colours, they are dull and don’t make highlight stand out.

Transparency is indeed not supported at the moment for technical reasons, I’ve thought of a way to do it perhaps, will try to see if we can support it.