Highlighting text

Along the same lines as the above question on custom color, I would like to request color options for the text as well as highlighting options. Or if they exist, point them out please!



You’re definitely not the first asking, we’ll do our best to add this ability at some point.


Would love highlighting, too.


Plus 1 for highlighting

In addition to highlighting, if you can add some coding syntax highlighting, that would be appreciated as I use Agenda as a place holder where I can keep some code snippets.
Thank you.


I too would love to have syntax highlighting, like quiver

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+1 for highlighting.


There’s a difference here, and a big one, diannepat. There’s “change the background colour of text”, and there’s “pigment text based on keywords within a code fence”.

We’ve discussed code fences here a lot, and while I think they’re considering it down the line, as they say, it’s not a markdown editor. I’d love to see a true code fence instead of preformatted, and allow something like python Pygments to do the work, but I’m finding that sort of thing exceeds what Agenda sets out to do. You might find joy in Typora (all md) as a close option, or Quiver (json+), but I think the most you’ll see in the near term is just colour-behind-text, probably in system colour.

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Thanks very much. I understand syntax highlighting is a low priority.
Quiver is what I use now. I’ll have a look at Typora.


+1 for syntax highlighting

Another +1 here to be able to highlight text with custom colors (the same way I do it on my paper notebook)

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Add another one for highlighting text too!

+1 for highlighting text. It’s a great feature for processing notes and getting added value from them, See Tiago Forte’s writing on building an outboard brain through progressive summarization of notes. (Using Evernote, in this case.)


+1 for the possibility to highlight text. Maybe also the possibility to change the colour of the text to the prefered highlight colour.


Highlighting and use different colours

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+1 for the ability to highlight text.

+1 on this. I use this style in Ulysses all the time!

I don’t believe that’s what we’re talking about here — this is a request for a text style wherein non-code text is highlighted.

@vivacious.jp mentioned syntax highlighting, I’m supporting that. But, you’re totally right that that’s not the main issue of this thread.

+1 for ::highlighting:: which I use a lot in Bear

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