British/Australian English

Translators: @linz @unexpectedly

Status: available from version 11.0

This topic is for discussion the British/Australian English translation of Agenda. Feel free to leave your suggestions, corrections, and comments here.

Want to help translate Agenda to British/Australian English? Reply to this post and we’ll add you to this translation project.

Do you encounter any issues, have suggestions or comments, leave a post here as well, your feedback is highly appreciated!

I’m in Australia, but basically we use British English as far as spelling goes. I’m happy to help.


I’d be happy to participate, too! I’m US-based, but have lived in the UK and am familiar with the differences between UK/US English. :slight_smile:

Major changes:
-our instead of -or in words like ‘colour’, ‘favourite’, etc.
-ise instead of -ize in words like ‘maximise’ and ‘minimise’
-‘bin’ instead of ‘trash’ (following the post-Catalina MacOS convention in the UK English localisation)

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Since it’s a within-language translation that won’t take as long as changing the language entirely, is it possible for those of us who’ve volunteered to download Local Agenda? I can get started this week. :slight_smile:

Happy to see you so excited but we have to ask for your patience just a little bit longer, we first need to sort out some more things with the Local Agenda app before we can add more languages, stay tuned!

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Update: The British/Australian localization of Agenda is now officially underway :partying_face: with @linz and @unexpectedly taking a first stab at the first round of the British/Australian English translation of Agenda. As part of adding a specific localization we’ve also changed the default english name for the “bin” back to the US english “Trash”, with the word Bin being kept in the British and Australian English translations.

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All right, I’ve submitted all the lines. Is there anything else I need to do before including this localisation in the next update?

Brilliant, and again a bunch of great corrections, thank you so much. There shouldn’t be any need for further work to include it in the beta. Are you already in the TestFlight program?

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Thank you! No, I’m not currently doing TestFlight.

Update: Hooray, the British-English translation of Agenda is now available as part of Agenda version 11.0 :confetti_ball: We’d invite everybody to give it a try and let us know if you find any aspects that can be improved, need to be corrected, or are giving issue. Join me in thanking @unexpectedly who worked so hard and with so much passion to add the British English translation of Agenda, even helping us correct a number of errors in the US English version as well! :clap: :clap: