Reminders (To-do) View - Side Panel

First of all, I would like to say that Agenda is a fantastic idea with a neat implementation. I have been looking for ways to integrate my note-taking, calendar, and to-do (Apple Reminders). Agenda seems to be the most elegant tool out there that aims to tackle this integration issue.

I am here to request a feature. I would like to have a Reminders View on the side panel, something like the image below:

I am aware of the current effort to implement two-way sync with Apple Reminders:

It seems that such capability is already on your plans. However, I am creating this feature request to make it explicit that I desire to have a visual representation of such reminders inside the Agenda app.

I am curious to see the community feedback about this topic. I see Agenda as one of a few players that can make this right.


Appreciate the detailed feedback. Thanks!

We haven’t designed the feature yet, so can’t say exactly how it will come to be, but we will keep your request in mind.


This is one of the features I am most eagerly awaiting, too. Meantime, I use both Agenda and GoodTask in a split, full screen.

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You will be very happy to hear it will be out in a few weeks time.

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It’s here, but it’s not of much use because the font is too small to read. It’s a step it the right direction though so… YAY!