Integration with the Reminders app


I think that it were a nice idea to support the entries out of the reminder app. I have many things in this app and would like the same handling as with calendar entries.

Additional to that it were nice to have the ability to map a checklist entry to a reminder entry, or better create a reminder entry for a checklist entry and update them if I have done an entry out of a checklist. Additionally there should be possible to add an duedate for every checklist entry.

Thanks Thorsten

Update: Reminders support is coming to Agenda:


Definitely on our own wishlist too.


I’d like to see this too so that I can create a task list in Agenda and have it remind me the next day (not at the task level but at the note level)



Update: Ahead of true integration ala the Calendar app, you’ll be pleased to know that in the 2.1 update we did add support for directly adding a reminder from the selected note by using the system wide sharing extensions. It even takes any text selection in consideration:

You can even pick the list you’d like to place the reminder in:


This is a really useful feature that could be made much more useful with a couple simple tweaks:

First and most important, please add a link back to the Agenda note in the notes of the reminder. That would be incredible and shouldn’t be hard.

Second, give the option to just add an excerpt of the note into the reminder. It’s not usually desirable to have a really long note in the reminder. Especially if a link is added, then just the excerpt will be most useful.


We hope to bring much deeper integration with the Reminders app in the future indeed.


When do we get this feature available in Agenda app?
I’d like to share texts within my notes as reminders as tasks to be done.

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Hi there, i am a huge Things 3 lover in terms of task and todo´s but i always hated it that i have to switch between apps for note taking and todo´s. Just recently stumpled on agenda and fell in love the only thing i am missing is to create actionable todo´s / reminders out of notes i took. With that feature it would defenitly kill things 3 big time for me :slight_smile: Hope to see it in the future :slight_smile:


Thank you. You can use your Calendar integration as a template for how to do reminder integration. Simply choose an existing reminder to link to or create a new one linked to the current note. And in the linked reminder, place a link back to the agenda note in the reminder notes field.

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You can use your Calendar integration as a template for how to do reminder integration

That’s exactly what we have in mind, though it would be at the paragraph level, not the note level, i.e. you would be able to attach a reminder to an individual list item or paragraph in a note.


Wow. That’s even better - to have it at the paragraph/item level. That will be amazing. I can’t wait.

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Great, but a request. Could you post in BOLD somewhere in the Forum Catagories (besides in the Apple Store New features) when this becomes available. I tend to miss things.:wink:

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This feature would be outstanding!

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@mekentosj you should look at Confluence and how they manage tasks within pages. This is how it should be in my point of view… these tasks can then be synced with Reminders.

see: Add, Assign, and View Tasks | Confluence Data Center and Server 8.0 | Atlassian Documentation


Thanks for the suggestion, will have a look…

I am curious if there is any further development on integration with Apple Reminders?

I currently use GoodTask because it syncs back-and-forth with Reminders, but I’m very much interested in Agenda, if it could potentially connect both Calendar and Reminders with a date-focused note system.


It’s still very high up on our personal wish-list too, but images and attachment support if up first.


Alright. Thank you. And good luck on your work!

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First, I wanted to say that I love how Agenda integrates with Calendar and the I love the app in general. It has been great to have a tool at work at that helps me track meeting notes and otherwise contain my various project documents. I am a huge fan.

I often have action items that come from meetings though so being able to integrate with the reminders app to pull out those actions from the meeting notes would be great. It looks like this a well requested feature and the developers are on point with their own interest in it too so I just wanted to add another voice to the “I would really appreciate it…” column. Thanks again for an amazing app.


You can use this shortcut in the meantime.

If this URL does not work please let me know. If you don’t trust the URL I can provide screenshots of the shortcut for you to recreate yourself. :+1: