Start date and End date

Currently Agenda allow us to assign specific date and ranges. It would be more useful and productive if we can input the End Date, hence allow us to keep track of things if they are done on time or overdue

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You can use the date you assign to a note as you wish. For example, if you write blog posts or daily updates, you’d probably assign the date you created the note. However, if a meeting is only next week, you’d assign that date in the future. Similarly, for some notes it’s perfectly fine to assign a date that you consider the due date (though you can also use due tags like #due(tomorrow) as an alternative). Just how you see fit.

Note that when it comes to timing and tracking, we also hope to add support for reminders in a future update of Agenda, which might also help in this area.

I’m aware of those you mentioned above. I think you might not understand what I mean. Let’s say I have a todo note and expect it to be done by this weekend, so I assign the date to Sunday, for some reason (procrastination, busy…) I couldn’t do it on time and only able to get it done in next Tuesday. I’d like to see an option where I could set the another date (next Tuesday). So later on, when I look back that note, I will know immediately if it is done before or after the deadline. At the current state of Agenda, I couldn’t do something like that.

I’m probably wrong, but the #due tag does not work with the date I enter. For example if I tag #due(10/27/2018) when I place #due(today) in the search, the search shows all the notes that have the tag #due therefore also of different dates

Hmm, thanks for reporting, we’ll investigate whether something has been broken.

I’ve investigated this issue and have come to the conclusion things work as they should. When you search for #due(today) it will return all notes that have a due tag with a date of today or earlier, as all those tags are “due”. It will not however return notes that have a due tag with a date later than the search date, as those notes are not yet due.

I can imagine that you would want a way to search for notes due only today (i.e. with today’s date), we hope to offer more options down the road.

Oh, that clears things up. Would be nice to have just today too, but at least now I get what’s happening :smile: