Collaboration - sharing notes, projects

Voting for shared notes. If you’ll make that then 146% (out of 100%) I’ll purchase it for myself and all the family on iOS+MaciOS.
It’s killer-feature that we use on Evernote currently for shared wishlists and gift lists. So everybody has its own wishlist and other family members able to see what is inside with live updates. When holidays are coming you’re able to look inside the shared note and choose what you’d like to gift.



Sadly collaboration is not on the list of "The features [they] are working on right now…"

No man is an island.

It is the one feature that keeps me from making the leap to seriously trying Agenda.

Sadly collaboration is not on the list of “The features [they] are working on right now…”

See above:

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Well, maybe an island with a monthly delivery by boat :wink:

Seriously though, I will check and make sure it is on there. It is something we talk about internally, so we definitely have ideas about it.


Oh no… I’ve purchased Agenda just to discover that I can’t share my notes…:persevere:


You can’t collaborate in real time, but you can share your notes via export/sharing. Just use the Agenda format to get an exact copy.

If you would prefer a refund, let us know.

Exactly the same here, showing to everyone :slight_smile:
I work in a very large organisation and would like to introduce this across the business, but without collaboration, we need to think about another solution, I will still continue to push Agenda to everyone that I know for personal use though :smile:

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Excellent starting point! I agree Zac. Me and my wife want to share a live version of our notes right now and can’t.

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We are working on Dropbox sync, and it will effectively allow syncing of the whole library of notes between multiple people (ie you can share a dropbox sign in). Maybe this will help in the case of a couple that need to share notes. (It won’t help with sharing a single note, of course. We have other plans for that.)


But is the ability for live collaboration something similar coming anytime in the near future? Sharing a note with a friend where both him and I can edit and it will update on both devices?

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Certainly not in the near future as this is not trivial to build, hopefully eventually (we certainly would like to see it ourselves) but this is medium/long term kind of material I’m afraid.

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That’s very interesting. I could see that being helpful. I look forward to trying that out!

Great job guys, I am loving the app but i am missing the sharing notes or project feature and this makes it like the native ios notes but with different ui. Please bring this feature to the app and i think will take over Evernote and other tools in the market.

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Yay! I don’t know if I missed it before, but Collaboration is now on the list.

And, I should add, for the short-term, you can ‘collaborate’ now by “directly adding a reminder from the selected note by using the system wide sharing extensions.

+1 million!


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Agenda is unusable in a real work environment without a rich sharing model

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You can ‘collaborate’ now by “directly adding a reminder from the selected note by using the system wide sharing extensions.

Interesting; though I’m very interested in collaboration, I am most satisfied that Agenda is integrating with Reminders, and does with Calendars, as not everyone I work with wants to own Agenda, but most use Macs, and all can access calendars.

Please someone correct me if I am overstating/assuming too much here.

Agree with all of the above + I would like to share different projects with different teams/people
(e.g. webdev / analytics / customer support teams)

Yes, team projects will be great, where team people can create/edit note in a dedicated project/category.

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PS. If you decide the sharing not to be free, make the free version to have at least 1 shared project and paid unlimited. :slight_smile: