Collaboration - sharing notes, projects

I’ve been really enjoying Agenda for my work notes. I’ve shown the app to friends, and the first question I get is usually around collaboration. There’s a share menu but no in-app way to share notes, projects, etc (as far as I can tell). I think this will be a frequent request, though it’s not something I personally need.


Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, collaboration is highly requested. We would like to do that.

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When do you plan to do collaboration / shared projects ?
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We’re concentrating on iOS and inline images in the coming months. After that we should be able to look at other things. See The features we are working on right now…

+1 for collaboration.

Might I suggest the idea of a “shared project” for starters, where you create a project that is shared among several Agenda users?

Being able to share a single note would also be wonderful, e.g., just click a share icon, enter an email, and that person gets a link where they can collaborate on that single note.

(Would also be handy to have a “share” link that includes an easy way to send someone a copy of a note — e.g., same as “print to PDF > grab from my desktop > email to person…” which is kind of tedious).


+1 for collaboration!

+1 for Shared Projects as well.

  • It would really nice to share an Agenda Project with a small team.
  • But also for users that have Business & Personal devices..

I’m currently one of those users, I have a work phone & a personal phone. I REALLY LOVE AGENDA, it’s so hard to find an app that works the way your brain works.

If it’s possible to sync a project, I would not mind paying twice for Agenda annually. 1 for personal and 1 for work, with the work Category in Sync on all collaboration devices.


Please make it happens. I think this feature is really cool!


+1 for collaboration. This is the only feature that keeps me from using exclusively Agenda.
I work a lot with my team sharing notes in the Apple Notes app. We need that changes made by one user reflect instantly in the shared note with the other user


With the utmost respect for an excellent work on the UI. I love it. The mobile is great too.
But this is just a prettier version of apple notes until you guys add collaboration. Then you have a tool.

So I would want to share projects with other people. There are 3 projects in Agenda that I wish to either share with other people so they can collaborate with me via their own agenda accounts. Or, simpler, share via a web link so others with the link can publicly view the contents, so we can collaborate over calls.

I don’t care particularly over which is implemented, personally I would prefer just readonly web sharing, as then I don’t have to worry about permissions and all the rest, and can share the projects with the open-source communities I am a participant in.

+1 collaboration

In addition to the previous comments on this thread, I’d like to add a couple more collaboration use case:

Automatic collaboration with meeting attendees

  1. Create a meeting
  2. Invite people
  3. Create a note in Agenda and link it to the meeting
  4. Voila! Meeting attendees automatically invited to collaborate

This would be great for meetings with many attendees where you’re trying to brainstorm, or you want to share your thoughts befor the meeting.

Manual sharing of updated note with meeting attendees

  1. Schedule a meeting
  2. Invite people
  3. Create a note in Agenda and link it to the meeting
  4. Do NOT share it automatically
  5. Jot down private thoughts in note before meeting
  6. Jot down more notes during meeting
  7. Click a button to share non-editable version of notes with attendees

This would be great for 1:1 meetings where you want to gather your thoughts before the meeting, then share the final notes with the other attendee in a way that they can only read it, but where they’ll see any edits you make.


Add me to the list. I’d like to be able to share between my work account and my personal account - two seperate iCloud accounts - but can’t at this time.

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Add me to the list too! +1 for collaboration!

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Plus a million. This is the number one thing I want. Agenda would make a great collaboration, project management tool. If only it had collaboration chops. I’ve been sharing it with individuals in our nonprofit. We all want to jump from Asana to Agenda. Hope you move collaboration up in the development pipeline.

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I appreciate that colloboration is a big technical challenge, but plus one from me too.

It does feel like something that would be very easy to charge for, and would even lend itself to a subscription model.

Personally I am only using the free version because it more than meets my needs (apart from team sharing) but I would happily pay to be able to share agendas with my colleagues and for them to be able to edit them ahead of time.


+1 on this. As noted above, this would move me over to the paid side in a heartbeat.

I’m new to the whole notes app area, so I’m also looking at Evernote, Todoist and Asana. Asana seems to do the note taking, establishing projects and allowing collaboration within the application, inviting people to join your team, assigning tasks and allowing visibility of who is working and accomplishing what and also metrics on what has been completed to date. They all seem good just different features and interface. I really like agenda so far.

Great ideas and the project owner can see all notes shared and consolidate and assign new tasks to folks assigned to the project.

Voting for shared notes. If you’ll make that then 146% (out of 100%) I’ll purchase it for myself and all the family on iOS+MaciOS.
It’s killer-feature that we use on Evernote currently for shared wishlists and gift lists. So everybody has its own wishlist and other family members able to see what is inside with live updates. When holidays are coming you’re able to look inside the shared note and choose what you’d like to gift.



Sadly collaboration is not on the list of "The features [they] are working on right now…"

No man is an island.

It is the one feature that keeps me from making the leap to seriously trying Agenda.