Taking Notes



When it comes to code, I recommend using the preformatted paragraph style, or the fixed-width inline style. Both will avoid any markdown parsing.

You can use back ticks (`) around inline code to achieve the fixed width styling.



Thank you!!! Worked perfectly!


I was trying to type some code in a preformatted style line, and my double quotation mark was substituted with a smart quote. Is there a way to disable that?


You can the off various substitutions in the edit menu. That is fairly standard in Mac apps.



Will you be supporting the imbedding of images within notes?


With the iOS version out of the way, this is now our top priority, see The features we are working on right now…


Fantastic! Thanks. I just got a new iPad and am awaiting cool features like images and pen support.

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Is it possible to insert or paste an image in a note?


We’re working on support for images and attachments as we speak


On a Mac I can make a paragraph more than 1 line by pressing Shift+Enter.

But on an iPhone pressing Enter I can only do this, a new paragraph


Seems to me like the simplest thing in making notes. How can I make a paragraph on an iPhone more than 1 line?


At this moment this isn’t possible on iPhone, we hope to offer a solution in the future. On iPad it’s possible but only if you have a hardware keyboard attached.


Hey! Maybe it’ll make sense to support fenced code blocks (```) as a text shortcut for Preformatted paragraphs?


That’s indeed on our to-do list

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After I missed an appointment for the first time I knew I needed a new way to track things… Enter, Agenda! Really liking this so far and when I made up for that missed appointment, I had created a project for it. The “notes” in that project have moved to projects themselves. I do not see a way to convert a note to a project. Is there a way? Good old copy and paste works but I can see this happening a lot for me since everything starts as an “inbox” note….




That’s indeed not possible in a single click at the moment, we have some ideas in this direction, stay tuned.

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New user. I’m sure this has been asked but I don’t see it. Are handwritten notes via Apple Pencil an available option.?