Autocomplete of tags



I may be missing a trick here, but is there an option to have the app suggest existing tags as you type after a # ?

If not, that should be a thing… both for speed and to avoid mistyping and winding up with wrong tags.

Tags in note headings

You’re not missing a trick, it indeed didn’t make the cut for the 1.0 release. We’ll do our best to add it down the line.


Excellent! Sounds good.


Autocompleting tags is very important on my part to organise everything.


It would be really helpful if tags and tagged contacts would autocomplete while writing.


Just to give you guys some more feedback, I agree that autocompleting tags is a very important feature, hope you guys are able to add it soon. Loving the app so far!


+1 for auto-complete of tags


I too am looking forward to autocomplete of existing tags and also people!!


When is “down the line”? You wrote your comment in January, it’s almost august now!


Down the line means we can’t give you an ETA I’m afraid. We’re focusing on inline images and attachments first…


+1 for auto-complete of tags


+1, that would be very useful, alongside with nested tags! (take a look on how Bear deal with nested tags)


+1 for auto-complete of tags


+1 for this, auto-complete would be so much easier!


+1 for this feature, althought i’d consider this a “nice to have” vs a “must have”. Table support first :slight_smile:


+1 for auto-complete on tags and assignees. Auto-complete on assignees would be really nice because I often need to use full names in cases where someone has a common first name.


+1 here as well, especially for people. I deal with so many people from so many places around the world that I sometimes need a little help to autocomplete their names.