Autocomplete of tags

+1 for autocomplete on tags and assignees.
this is a must have for me

Hi, what’s the outlook for tag auto complete ? Are you still planning on bringing it to the app ?

I am not using Agenda Anymore because of this.

I heavily rely on tags while taking meetings notes and this is slowing me down too much if I misspell a tag. WorkFlowy does a pretty good job at this.

Definitely still in the works, no ETA yet I’m afraid, the plan is later this year.

Noted, thanks for taking the time to answer.


+100,000 for me - the current setup is quite cumbersome to use

I just started using Agenda and love it, kind of. I need the tags to auto-complete for both standard tags and people.
I like this ability but am bad at remembering exact tags that I have previously used.

Another thought would be to add in the overview section an expandable tag list. I know you can save a search, but what if I accidentally tagged something one character off. I would notice it a list of alphabetical tags that I could go quickly fix. I like Bear for this reason, maybe adopt a version of that. I do like Bear’s approach of layered tags where you can use a / to add a level to the tag. It would be neat to see that here.

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What is the status of autocomplete? It seems like it has been promised a while ago. Agenda is very powerful, but without this feature, it is not as useful as other applications I’m using!

It’s getting closer to the top of the list…

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That’s not enough for me. Paid full functionality to support the product only to realize this was missing. It’s been missing since and I am not using agenda because of this. Tags are really important in my workflow (big WorkFlowy user here) and although agenda’s look and other features are appealing, without this it doesn’t fit my use case. I feel it’s a waste because I love the idea and the look.

For a note taking app, speed is paramount. Formatting shortcuts and tag auto complete are some features that make my life easier. The closest I can get to the final result right when inputting the data in the easiest way possible, the more focused I am during my meeting and the more time I gain right after the meeting is done.

I still have 42 days of Premium left and won’t be renewing. I usually am not a fan of subscription based software yet understands the dynamic and was willing to support you guys further, but until tags autocomple (and associated search obviously) makes it, I can’t fit Agenda in my workflow.

I wish you all the best and will keep an eye on those Agenda Community summaries.

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That’s fair enough @hemard and also exactly the rationale behind Agenda’s business model; you shouldn’t have to be forced in paying again if we don’t (yet) meet your expectations. We’ll do our best to bring you back to Agenda when we get there.


Tag autocomplete would be great.

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+1 Need to search for items tagged to a colleage, but did I use their first name, initials, or last name? Can’t remember! Now I need to search for all possibilities. Shooting in the dark… Need ability to view/edit/manage tags.

This is needed way more than password protection…

Thanks in advance!

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Agree. Ironically I’ve created a note pinned to agenda just to store list of tags I’m using. Would like to see ability in agenda showing a list of tags used on top of auto complete.


Hello, since the tag autocomplete feature is getting hopefully even more closer to to the top of the list, could you please right away include autocomplete of people tags as well? Thanks a lot.

offtopic: and btw Agenda is great, I just throw away Evernote+Omnifocus in favour of Agenda (I also like your payment model)… so please please pretty please keep Agenda as lean and swift and elegant as it is now (not bloated and sluggish as Evernote), but keep adding those vital features like better tag management etc…


Yes, definitely when we add tag autocomplete we will do the same for people.


+1 for autocomplete for tags and people. I just discovered Agenda and am very excited to start using it. It seems nearly perfect for my needs, but I am terrified of typing the wrong tag in a note and then missing something important when I search that tag. I don’t know the logistics behind this, but may I suggest this as a priority?

It’s definitely among the top items of The features we are working on right now…


Way to go team ! :wink:

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Hi @mekentosj How far off would you say you are from releasing tags autocomplete ?

Alas, too early to call an ETA, we’re aiming for the first half of 2021.