Autocomplete of tags

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Gilles Hemard

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I see you’ve started working on autocompletion of tags, that’s great! Is this something that’s likely to be released in the next month or so?

Keep up the great work.

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Next month no, but the aim is first half of this year…


Please do. This is something that would be expected out of the box. Pretty much every text / code editor has this. I work with a lot of tags, e.g. I add tags to parts of text like #investigate repeatedly where I need to do research and having to type it all the time, even if I type quite fast, is still annoying and people have already gotten used to this feature.

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+1, cannot wait for this function!

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+1 !!

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It’s a shame tag autocomplete is still not available after requested for more that 2 years. You a missing revenue as the competition have this functionality. I have to make a decision this month if I go for agenda or another tool. But after this decision, I’m not moving into agenda back easily.

Besides auto complete I’m afraid the organization capabilities which makes tags so useful are not on the feature list yet!!

This has been promised for a long time, and “getting close” for a long time. Can we get a real ETA please?

+1 for the autocomplete of tags and people. def helps having to remember what those tags were used some days past.

To give some insights as to why such a seemingly simple feature takes so long. For it to work properly we need to make quite a few significant under-the-hood changes, for instance to support tags with spaces, but also to unify a number of different kind of things to make autocompletion not only work for tags but also for people etc. This has been more work than we had originally foreseen. Good news is that those refactors are pretty much done and we’re shifting to the UI work. It also prepares us for a number of other frequently requested features.

Having said all this, as a small two-man team we also have to take the impact of the yearly new OS releases from Apple in mind and spend time on preparing for those too. Which means the ETA has unfortunately slipped from before the WWDC update to the one after.


Bummer :slightly_frowning_face: but still looking forward to autocompletion of tags! Would make Agenda even better!

We started wrapping things up for the next major release that finally brings auto-completion.


iOS 15 is released. Mac OS Monterey is coming next week. No update on Agenda 14?

It was never the plan to have Agenda 14 be synced with either of these releases, it’s still progressing steadily but will only be released later this year.