Integration with Contacts/Address Book

I would like to see integration with Contacts/Address Book. Useful for notes about meetings (who was present)


Thanks Hans. Indeed something on our to-do list :slight_smile:



yep, very important point also for me. thanks

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I agree that integration with Contacts/Address Book would be most helpful. For me, very useful in business. The ability to carefully format such notes for contacts would be extensively used.

I’d love a two way link - so that when I look at a contact in AddressBook I can see, and follow, links to the related notes in Agenda. Would be so helpful if someone - for example - calls, and I need to remind myself of previous discussions with them etc.

You can create links to Agenda notes: just select the note, and choose Edit > Copy As > Agenda Link. As long as Agenda is installed, you can click the link to open up the note.

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Thanks - yes, I realise that, just looking forward to more integrated approach.

As well as dragging a contact into Agenda, what would be really cool would be if one started typing a name after @ and Agenda then suggested entries from Contacts.

Years ago Palm Desktop from PalmPilot did exactly that - and I’ve never come across the same, really useful, functionality in any other task manager or calendar. (According to Wikipedia - 10 years ago!)


Adding my vote to integration with contact managers.

The current integration with BusyCal works well for me. Would love something similar with BusyContacts.

Given the integration with the calendar, this seems like a natural fit for Agenda.

Some ideas:

  • @ tags auto suggesting contacts in the address book.
  • notes with @ tag in H1 create Agenda link in the contact card note section (akin to the Agenda link that populates in the note section of a calendar event.)

Very much looking forward to this for keeping up with details about people in meetings, etc.!


Contacts integration is very much on our list.

Have ideas about linking notes to contacts and reminders. On our todo.


Me too, so that the real person can be added to “Assign Person” in a note, with indexing to allow notes to be viewed by person mentioned within them, etc.


Big +1 from me as well. Getting structured people info to link with Reminders would be hugegantic.


Great idea Hans!

+1 for me too, thankd

+1 for me too! Would be amazing to see notes (without clicking the link) in my contacts with an integration similar to some of the suggestions like @ someone.

This goes really well with calendar sync and show realname istead of emails.

Hope there will be selection of whitch contact database sync happens.

Looking forward to seeing this, with Reminders and Pencil support. Will be as close as I can getting the MoreInfo setup I had a the Newton I used many years ago.

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100% agree that contacts integration would be a game changer for me. Easily accessing a contact through the Agenda app. Reminders to call a contact or email them. Even if a contact calls, bring up a reminder about a certain topic.

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Are there any news on the contact integration? (do you have maybe a vague ETA) Since january 2018?

No news. It is in the roadmap, but don’t have any eta I’m afraid.