Integration with Contacts/Address Book

+1 for integration with MacOS/iOS contacts

The more I think about it, the more this would change everything for me. I know that sounds hyperbolic, but it opens so many useful opportunities for workflows. Hope any work on this is going well!


+1 from me for integration with Mac OS


Any news on contact iintegration? I’m using CardHop for now but would like to switch to Apple’s contacts app.


No news for now, I’m afraid. It’s in the list, for sure, but is competing with some other high profile projects as well.

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Yes this is a feature I would love to have as well. I have some contacts with very unique names that i have spelled differently with each @ (yikes). Linking it to my address book would solve this.

We have plans to allow more flexible options for tag and person names in the relative near future. Contact book integration is planned, but is a bigger project for later.


Is today already relative near future? :wink:

Nope :slight_smile: If I could wave a wand and do all these things, I would. Unfortunately it is all a lot of work, and takes time. Even things that seem easy from a user perspective may involve complications internally due to sync or whatever.

Stay tuned. It really is in the relative near future. :crazy_face:

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Give us dates! :smiley:

Looking forward to test it!

I also want to chime in on how useful this feature would be. Standardizing person tags and meeting attendees and tying them to contact records would make it faster and easier to find notes by person, see what meetings a person participated in, and pull up the person’s contact details from within Agenda. Getting the integration right certainly sounds like a big project but it would be just as impactful as Reminders integration if not more so!

It’s actually just crept up our roadmap too, so it should not be too long until we get to this. Stay tuned.

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