Translators: @puvircho

Status: available from version 11.0

This topic is for discussion the Afrikaans translation of Agenda. Feel free to leave your suggestions, corrections, and comments here.

Want to help translate Agenda to Afrikaans? Reply to this post and we’ll add you to this translation project.

Do you encounter any issues, have suggestions or comments, leave a post here as well, your feedback is highly appreciated!

Count me in.

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Update: The localization of Agenda in Afrikaans is now officially underway :partying_face:, with @puvircho having a first stab at the first round of translation. If you’d like to see Afrikaans being added as a supported language as well, please join the effort together with Gideon. To be continued…

Update: Hooray, the translation of Agenda in Afrikaans is now available as part of Agenda version 11.0 :confetti_ball:. We’d invite everybody to give it a try and let us know if you find any aspects that can be improved, need to be corrected, or are giving issue. Join me in thanking @puvircho who worked so hard and with so much passion to add the translation in Afrikaans to Agenda! :clap: :clap: