Block quotes and dark theme

Would be really nice to see support for block quotes > and a dark theme (maybe dracula? :wink: )


We have seen both being requested more often, we’ll do our best.
Best wishes,


Defintely keen to see block quotes too. Would be very useful for when using Agenda for meetings / conferences / lectures etc


New user, adding my +1 vote to having a dark theme.
(+5 if I could :wink: )

PS - was very impressed by your app intro and user onboarding/tutorial btw.
Will happily buy Premium once Dark Theme is added. Not an empty promise :slight_smile:

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I need block quotes, too. This is a basic feature of Markdown.

+1 on block quotes

+1 from me for adding quotes support.

@elevenluckyrabbits, @agendado you’ll be happy to hear that Agenda for Mac 2.4 introduces a dark theme.

+1 for Dark theme in IOS

@joostdekruijff the next update of Agenda for iOS will introduce the same dark theme as on Mac.


My thanks for this in advance. Loving the dark theme on Mac, and its Dark Mode integration.

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Hope this is on the list for next update… Even a simple vertical line on the left side of text or something of the like would be great!

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+1 on block quote support

+1 for block quote support.

Love that block quotes are on the road map! Super helpful when prepping for meetings and appointments by being able to quote information with an @ tag for who it came from and to follow up with!