Can Agenda be used in a browser on a PC



I can’t seem to find any answers on if this app is able to be used on a browser that is not a MAC. For example if I download Safari on my PC, would I be able to use Agenda from there? My personal computer is Mac but work is PC and would like to be abel to access while at work.


Agenda is (currently) a standalone app supported on both the macOS and iOS platforms only. It doesn’t run in any browser, although I have read some comments from the developers that suggested that might be a future option.


Browser interface is a must have or a stand alone app for Windows. Cannot be expected to type into one’s phone.


As @kemer.thomson mentions, we have not made a decision about other platforms yet. It is possible we will do something for Windows, but no decision has been made and other things like inline images support do have our priority at the moment.


Great, thank you! Looking forward to some form of browser access support.
At the office, we are on PCs, much easier to be able to use browser to update/view Agenda. (Or we are kinda being seen as ‘on the phone’ all the time. :slight_smile: ) Keep up the great work!! Love the app!


+1 for browser app version. Is there a place where people can vote on features?


We’re not big believers of a “you vote and we build” approach, but by indeed registering your support for a certain feature they way you’ve just done, you definitely influence what we’ll work on.


I second this vote for Windows App or Web version.


Third-ed. I’ll admit it’s not a super high priority, but it’s definitely a feature I’d get use from.


I would also love to see a Windows (or even an Android) version. I use a Mac, but in the office we have PCs and I don’t always want to take my Mac with me. But maybe have a browser version first? I realise, as you said as well, that this is not high priority right now, but down the line it would be awesome.


I’d like to see a browser-based view, much like MS does with OneNote. This will allow the service to be cross-platform. Many of us use both Macs and Windows (etc.). Thanks!


I’d also appreciate a web based interface.

I’m required to work cross platform. I’d love the ability to access and edit data right from the PC workstation in a browser window, rather than having to roll the chair over to the MacBook - takes noticeably more time, which when you constantly need to access your notes makes it a hassle.



Here’s another attempt to influence your work: A browser-based version would be great!
I love my mac but at work I am forced to use a Windows PC.


I have just discovered this app and it is honestly live changing for managing my ADHD brain. I would also love to be able to access it from a PC, as others have stated, given that I use a PC for work and don’t want to constantly be on my phone getting my agenda in order. Even if we could log in from a PC browser that would be great. I am willing to pay for this feature!

Thank you,


While we would love to bring the option one day it’s not something we can promise in the immediate future I’m afraid, see also The features we are working on right now…