Pin Upcoming Features Post to top?



This post: The features we are working on right now…
is really useful, but I see lots of messages that suggest folk haven’t seen it.

Would be helpful if this was pinned to top or made much more visible in some way.

Looking forward to seeing some of these coming now iOS app is out!


I think that is an excellent idea!


I too like the idea, +100


Thanks for the suggestion, we like the idea too, in fact, it should already work like that for new users :smiley: You can try it using a private browsing window in Safari and it should be at the top. Once you’ve visited the topic it will unpin though, not sure if possible, but are you saying you’d like to have it always on pinned?


Yes, if possible, please, because once we’ve read it & it’s unpinned, if we then want to check later whether something that’s now presented itself as an apparently new idea is already on the list, we have to go search for it again. If it could possibly remain pinned it would always be much easier to find & confirm the “new” idea isn’t something you’re already working on :blush:


Ok, I believe I have found the setting to automatically unpin the topics, you would now have to manually unpin a topic if you don’t want it to stay on top. Let’s see how that goes, thanks for the suggestion!


Yippee!! That should keep the pinners AND unpinned happy :+1::blush: