Support for Tables

Folks, you did a great job so far!
Agenda is really cool and helpful! I like it very much.
As I am using it to manage various projects and meetings I really would like to have the option to insert tables. Makes structuring of texts so much easier.

Apart from that, images and attachments are strongly needed as well (found those in feedback already).

Keep up with the great job!


+1 vote. Adding tables is one feature that Bear Notes doesn’t have. Hope to have it here on Agenda.

Thanks for the feedback. Added to our list.


+1; ideally including the possibility to color cells, use bullets within them and maybe “smart elements” such as column filtering & “date support” (small date selection popup).

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+1 for tables. Please make table when exporting / copying compatible with Multimarkdown → Tables. Thanks!


+1 here too. Wow this is awesome. Great job! Probably going to buy the premium.

When you add tables, please also import existing tables in Apple Notes. At present you’re left with a hole in the imported note.


That would be great!

+1 from me, would be very useful

This already beautiful app would be even more beautiful if tables, simple or otherwise, could be added to notes!

+1 for tables. I have loads of Markdown tables in my current notes app (Quiver) that I’d like to migrate to Agenda.


+1 for tables here too, also copy/paste of screencaps (which I use to illustrate my notes a LOT). I guess there’s an iOS app in the works so I won’t bug you about that :slight_smile:

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+1 yes please add tables. :star_struck:

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I’m also +1 on tables - but for a slightly different purpose:

I’d like tables with simple spreadsheet functionality. I’ve always thought this was one of the most overlooked features of Pages!

I want to use tables for simple budgets, list of costs etc. It is SO frustrating putting figures in a table and then having to use a calculator before typing in the total! And then, you edit one figure and have to get the calculator out again.

I don’t think I’d particularly care if the table could be exporting to csv etc, so long as I could select the cells and copy and paste into a real spreadsheet.

This is an application for notes, so I dont see the need for anything beyond the basic functions, I’d just want to jot down my initial ideas of costs or whatever - to do some ‘back of envelope’ calculations.

I don’t want to rule anything out, but spreadsheet functionality would be quite a long way down our list. The reason is simply that anything we could do would be inferior to a real spreadsheet app, and your best bet is probably just to link to a spreadsheet file.

Having said that, we do have plans for attachments, and they will be QuickLook-able. So you could attach a spreadsheet, and peak at the contents, but would need to open the other app to edit. That’s probably the best approach, I would think.


+1 I also would love to add table (this is a MUST for me)

+1 for the votes above. Tables would make it much stronger as native MacOS has the tables already so don’t want to come back since Agenda has much better UX.

Yes, Tables Pleeeeeeeeeaaase

+1 for tables, but also…

+1 for embeddable objects, that is if I copy a table out of Numbers I would like to be able to paste that into Agenda. This is not pasting a table though; this is pasting a reference to an object.

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I can see tables being very useful to me for organising information for my own use.

But I can also see that when I come to share that information with others, it will be important to be able to export the data in a form I can then manipulate easily.

So, a feature request: the ability to export tables to csv

Given the table will most likely have text above and below, this would probably be in the form of Copy Table As CSV, rather than Export Note As CSV. And of course a note might well have more than one table!