Support for Tables



+1 vote for tables !


Count me in for tables. In fact, count me in for being able to reach GFM parity, now and in future. This includes image linking, full tables, and also code fencing (not just reformatting).


+1 vote for table too!


Another +1 for tables - love the app though - just bought premium!


+1 for tables as well.


+vote for adding tables


Me too!! +1 for the table!


Markdown-formatted tables would be a very cool future addition.




Personally I’ve never got to grips with Markdown formatted tables, though I’ve never tried hard. Too fiddly and unintuitive. So, a plea for something a little more wysiwig to create and edit tables! I think that would be much more accessible to the majority of potential users.


Right, sorry, I guess I meant “exportable as Markdown” and not necessarily written in Markdown :joy:




I am not sure of the value of tables. I would buy a premium feature to turn tables off. :slight_smile: (because I can see they are somewhat popular). Actually, i am always making up short .csv files to import into this or that so I guess limited tabular support would not be so bad. I have kind of gone away from spreadsheets to use Soulver for most things like that.


+1 vote, really need tables for quick and flexible variety of formats of capturing information in meetings.


Are you after real tables, like in Excel, or would you be just as happy with tabs for alignment?


I imagine tables as a way of organizing information into rows and columns, probably with a header row. Unlike Excel, I don’t think I’d personally need any way of adding, comparing, or interpreting the contents of the cells, but really just to organize.

This page would be my guide for how I might do this in other editors/note-takers (I refer to Markdown because it’s my preferred export options from Agenda).




Tables as a means of structuring content, that’s what I miss. Similar to the Apple Notes app.


+1 for tables. Part of my meeting notes is to report tabular data, so having table support would be essential.


FWIW this is the most significant blocker for me to switch from Notes completely (the other being inline images). I’d gladly pay a premium for this. My primary use case would be to organize data from interviews. I need a simple way to structure data and drag rows up/down - then to move the content out to Confluence via markdown.


+1 for tables. Very useful even for basic notes and lists!


+1 for tables. Would be useful if keyboard commands could be implemented also for tables. i.e 'Shift + Return’ to insert a new row etc…


Just starting to use Agenda and trying to figure out how to best incorporate it into my daily routine. Having tables will definitely help.