Support for Tables


  1. Tables for alignment and block text formatting.
  2. Tables for very simple tabulation purposes, e.g. vote counting.

I do not get the point to add an “Excel like” spreadsheet function in this notes app, it is absolutely redundant and unnecessary. If I need to work out a complicated DCF evaluation model with a million interlinked functions I’d go to Excel.

Please consider. Thank you.


+++ 1 for attachments (or ability to paste an image within a note.)
+++ 1 Sharing/Share to (OS & iOS)
+1 Tables

I’m REALLY enjoying Agenda, really useful and flexible!

Although I’ve tried quite a few of the other Apps …(which are not bad apps), and I’m a very organized person … I’d quit using them within the first week or so and go back to my Post-its. I had to spend too much time trying to figure out an effective ‘workflow’ vs something that should have been more intuitive to work with.

Really looking forward to future developments, THANKS!


This would be the top item i’d like to see added to Agenda. Nothing fancy in any capacity - for true spreadsheet functionality, that should live in a true spreadsheet application. I currently use Evernote, which provides a basic tables to organize data. quick screenshot example…


+1 on this, would make things a lot easier!


+1 This would be awesome


+1 tables is a must!


I’ll throw my vote on this feature, as well.
Tables are such a great but simple way of organizing information and Markdown syntax makes it very easy to jot them down in notes.


+1 for the table feature and attachments.

Please just consider implementing the MarkDown default tables into support. It would be already pretty efficient.

As for spreadsheet, I strongly agree that it is NOT nesessary in this Agenda app, and please implement only the pre-view like function for this.


Awesome idea
Especially if you can import
From Markdown


+1 for simple tables - Apple Notes now does it simply and well. For now I’m stuck between Agenda, Apple Notes and OneNote (ugh) a fair bit of the time…


+1 on tables
essential functionality for note taking.


Another +1 for tables. Really needed for structured data, even if the data is very less.


+1 from me. table and image is very useful.:grin:


+1 for table functionality from me.


+vote for adding tables


+1 for tables. Definitely needed to better organize my data. At least I would need simple possibilities for that e.g. like in Apple Notes. Tabs aren’t enough and I think not the way tables should be managed.


+1 for table. I start to migrate from Evernot to agenda find that table feature of Evernot are missing in agenda.
Also, I use Agenda to sumarise some technical note I read in my project that include lot of table. For quick search I would like to record important table into Agenda, avoiding to open many document to just extract the few table that I required


OneNote does tables very nicely IMO and I’d like to see that kind of tabular presentation.

I’m less interested in calculations in tables than I am in being able to paste tabular data in and retain the table structure.




+1 for tables. basic multi-markdown support would be great. Apple notes implementation is what I would consider the ideal approach out there


Does Apple Notes support multi-markdown tables?