Support for Tables



No. Best UI though


I see. Thanks for the tip.


Yes! This is what brought me here. I use only a single table in all of Apple Notes (to track my daughter’s medications) and was disappointed to see it was not supported via import. :disappointed:


I’m afraid even if we support tables, it may not import from Apple Notes. Apple Notes import only has access to very simple data. Apple don’t include a lot of the data. Eg. we have no way to see the difference between a list and a checklist, so we have to import both as a simple list.


@drewmccormack - does the Agenda team see tables on the near roadmap since images/attachments is in beta? this is the key feature that Agenda is missing for me to use as my daily driver…


I’m afraid it isn’t in the immediate future, no. We just have too many higher priorities at the moment. But it is definitely something on the roadmap.


+1 for tables! This is very useful.


Here too - need tables


+1 on this. Give me tables, multiple bullet point styles and I will move from OneNote immediately!



+1 for tables for me as well!


+1 for tables! Table is very useful for plan


+1!!! for me as well


Simple tables for structuring content would be the bom! I recently transitioned over from Evernote (which I’ve been using for years) and it’s so far the no. 1 thing I’m currently missing.


I need export information on csv or excel format feature as well! I plan to use it for share with colleges or for institutional’s Reports. Thanks!


+1 for a simple table functionality (similar to the evernote screenshots people have included). Thank you!


Another +1 for tables


+1 for me. I want to use Agenda as my daily planner. But I can not until I have tables supports.


+1 for tables from me :slight_smile:


this topic is one year old, and this feature still not presented? Even though such a lot of people asking for that? Even native apple note has this feature by default…

Supporting the app

This is not a trivial feature to implement I’m afraid, plus even though we understand that many of you would love to see it sooner than later, this is true for many requested features, some of which simply have a higher priority at this point in time. We can’t promise any time frame at the moment, sorry.