Support for Tables



+1 Here as well

Supporting the app

Tables would be such a great addition in Agenda and would make a huge difference.



It’s a bit surprising to me Agenda doesn’t support table at this time. I’d even be happy with the ability to have „tables“ in the sense that I can use the Tab key to indent text.


Tables: Yes Please :+1:


Just to throw this back in…

Using the recommonmark lib and rendering markdown would solve tables, highlighting, and code fences in one change… I like what you guys are doing here, and I would like to support it more, but the use case isn’t there. I know you’re in danger of trying to be everything to everyone, but you’re going to have to make a call with tables. It’s pretty basic.

Even the forum software

Does It’s Own
Markdown Version Of
Tables Right Here
<h4> It's not good when the forum software outperforms the main product...</h4>


how did you get Markdown tables to work in Agenda? i love the SW but tables has become a must-have.


That was my point…

This forum software allows for tables, but Agenda-the-software does not.

Code fences work also, but those aren't supported either.

It’s my personal opinion that while the app can still store things in JSON for all the ‘good reasons’ it should, but that the display could be handled through a combination of reccommonmark and strict css, solving some of the issues here.

Standard .md files can’t be well integrated the way that Agenda works, but those benefits seem highly outweighed when compared to what is given up with things like simple markdown tables and code fences not being available. I’m sure it’s being handled, looked at, etc., and I know it’s a tough decision for the devs. But I thought by now that Agenda would have parity with GFM, but I can’t use it until it does.


I would like tables as well


The Agenda internal format is not markdown or HTML. This approach would work fine for a markdown editor, but Agenda’s format is much more involved.

So we could use a library to convert markdown, but to what? Our internal format doesn’t support tables, so the library could not create a table. This would only work with some web based editor (HTML), and we aren’t using that.


I’m not sure what to. I’m not a developer, and I’ll state that here and now. But what I have seen is something like Quiver that handles it nicely, and stores in JSON. (Quiver is also prone to data loss, so I’m definitely not suggesting it as an alternative.) Someone has figured it out at as well. Evernote, etc.

Of course, the key is that whatever you do to take JSON into whatever format you’re outputting has to support that process. Clearly, you know that, and you’re saying that whatever your backend does isn’t currently supporting it. I know it’s also not easy; even Azure DevOps is currently not a great implementation.

I don’t know what to tell you guys, but it’s currently a big issue. I truly wish you good luck on this, and I hope you figure something out.


There is not much to tell. We know what needs to be done to support tables, but it is not something we can just throw together in a day or two. Probably at least a few weeks work or more, and it just hasn’t got to the top of the todo list just yet. It will get there sooner or later. It is a priority.


Thanks Drew.
If you need just one more vote for tables support, here is mine :smile:


One more vote for tables!


+1 for tables, embedded checklists and numberered list.

I would like to replace a todo list app with agenda and just reply on calendar app and agenda app


Have a look at TableFlip


+1 for tables … pretty please


Table functionality = me going premium.


+1 Tables …please !!


Fundamentally, I see Agenda as a note taking application but it really is missing some core functionality as a piece of software to take notes. Table support is a fundamental requirement. Engineers, Scientists, Developers use tables all the time. Personally I need to keep medication information in a table. I am ’sort of’ working around not having tables but its not great.
I understand that development capacity is limited and its good to see other features are being added such as reminders integration but I believe that something as core as being able to take notes in a tabular format should be addressed sooner rather than later. I’m afraid that until tables has been introduced I need to use another app and therefore I won’t being renewing my premium features membership. I wish the Agenda team well and I will keep an eye on development but for me its a show stopper


Is table support working its way up the priority list with any urgency? I love, Love, LOVE Agenda; but making all my tables in Number/Excel, screenshotting them and adding them to Agenda is a PITA and a time killer; but tables must be used…