Support for Tables

See the post from @drewmccormack from a few weeks back:

I would very much like support for tables. I use Agenda to plan my Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, and unfortunately that involves quite a few tables.


Interesting usage. Would love to hear more. Why not post in the Talk section about how you use Agenda for D&D?

Tables are a priority, and we hope to get to them sooner rather than later.


That’s really great to hear, Drew! I have been evangelizing about the genius of this app to my academic colleagues. One in particular said that tables is the one thing preventing her from switching from OneNote to Agenda.

Support for basic tables as Apple’s Notes app does would be fantastic!


I would love to move away from Evernote and purchase the premium version. But in order to do so, I would need the ability to create tables. Hopefully, this is coming soon.

It will definitely be added but we in all honesty can’t tell you yet when. It’s definitely much requested and therefore high up on the list, but at the same time we have some higher priority items to finish up first.


I would very much like support of tables as well please - something of a show-stopper for me as OneNote handles this really well natevely.

If I can point you at how apps like, say, Notion use tables like a cross between a database and a spreadsheet. You don’t need anything complicated, you certainly don’t need to get even remotely close to spreasheet functionality. You just need the ability to sum tables and add simple calculations and links between columns.

It’s really simple but very powerful for simple stuff where a spreadsheet or a database is overkill.


+1 for tables! This is crucial for allowing me to move over from OneNote completely.

+1 for tables! :slight_smile:

When Can We get tables? Pleaseee

It’s high on the roadmap, but not yet at the top, I’m afraid. Sorry for the wait. Just not enough hours in the day.


The classic dilemma in software development I’m afraid, literally every user will have their own opinion on this one, there’s only so many hours in the day, sorry. It’s not forgotten though.


It really is about time you included some support for tables!

I like the app but this is a drawback


I add my vote for tables too!

+1 for tables similar to Apple Notes/Evernote

Tables pretty much determines which note-taking app I use

+1 for tables!!

+1 for tables.

+1 on tables with the ability to resize columns and rows.

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Need tables in 2020! It is being requested for two years now.

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