Support for Tables

See the post from @drewmccormack from a few weeks back:

I would very much like support for tables. I use Agenda to plan my Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, and unfortunately that involves quite a few tables.


Interesting usage. Would love to hear more. Why not post in the Talk section about how you use Agenda for D&D?

Tables are a priority, and we hope to get to them sooner rather than later.


That’s really great to hear, Drew! I have been evangelizing about the genius of this app to my academic colleagues. One in particular said that tables is the one thing preventing her from switching from OneNote to Agenda.

Support for basic tables as Apple’s Notes app does would be fantastic!


I would love to move away from Evernote and purchase the premium version. But in order to do so, I would need the ability to create tables. Hopefully, this is coming soon.

When will Tables be implemented?
I have just purchased premium and much to my surprise are tables not implemented. When I saw that it has been asked for since 1 January 2018 and still not implemented I’m questioning my decision to purchase premium. I really need to know if it will be implemented before using it, since it will take a while to structure my previous notes and if it is not being implemented I will have to cut my losses…

It will definitely be added but we in all honesty can’t tell you yet when. It’s definitely much requested and therefore high up on the list, but at the same time we have some higher priority items to finish up first.