Basic but Powerful Sorting Capability

I have to say I am amazed by how far Agenda has gone since I started using it a few months ago. Well done developer team!

Love the versatility of “On the Agenda” and “Today” in displaying relevant notes. Would it be a good idea to have an option to sort notes by “last edit”?

I leave notes/comments from time to time as a reminder. would be nice to have the capability to view them at a glace.



We have some ideas about offering sorting options in On the Agenda and other overviews. Thanks!


As the title for this thread isn’t just sorting by last edit, but just sorting in general, here are my desired sorting options:

  1. Manual sorting + manually sorted pins at top
  2. Auto sorting by date created (desc, asc) + manually sorted pins at top
  3. Auto sorting by date modified (desc, asc) + manually sorted pins at top
  4. Auto sorting by due date start (desc, asc) + manually sorted pins at top
  5. Auto sorting by due date finish (desc, asc) + manually sorted pins at top

When you say due date I assume you mean the assigned calendar date?

Yes that is correct. Thanks!

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I would love the ability to sort notes (within a “Project”) by Name instead of just “Earliest Date First or Latest Date First”. This would be huge for me!!

It would go against the basic idea of the app, which is to have a timeline of notes. Perhaps it would make sense in overviews. We’ll think about how best to handle this.

What about sorting by note title?

Yes, in overviews we are thinking of adding the option for more sort options, that could include the title.

Thanks @mekentosj for your quick answer. Despite of being a paid user I’ve tried a couple of times to use Agenda as Apple Notes replacement but details like these make it impossible for me. With literally hundreds of notes in a project I can’t afford the time to scroll for a note and performing a search every single time is not convenient enough. I’d appreciate if you could bring it on the next update.

Restructuring the interface to support sorting is probably a project of a month or two. There is no way we can just slot that in between all the other high priority projects we have. It’s got a high priority, but it won’t be in our next update.

If you need to scroll through hundreds of notes, sorting probably won’t help that much anyway. My suggestion would be to split notes more across projects, and get in the habit of using the On-the-Agenda feature to keep the notes you are currently active with in one place. This can make large libraries much easier to work with on a day-to-day basis.

I understand doing that at this point could take some moths but to me it’s still hard to conceive how a notes app had not a “sorting by title” option to begin with.

The On-the-Agenda section is helpful but not for this purpose. My projects have hundreds of notes titled with a sequence of numbers which is the way my company works and I cannot change that to use Agenda. Not having the proper order on the project leads me to confusion and makes the app totally useless for me.

That’s my second attempt to make Agenda work as my main notes app since I bought the app 8 months ago. Perhaps in a couple of months when some of these features are implemented I’ll give it another try but honestly I don’t see myself paying for another year just to try it out.

This is where I’m a bit at lost to be honest, I can’t really see how sorting by title of a note is really useful, unless you start “hacking” the title by starting it with a number etc. I can see the use case but don’t think the majority of users would do this (not to say we don’t want to add the possibility, we do as @drewmccormack mentioned above).

I’m kind of happy you put it this way, because this is exactly the philosophy behind the model we picked. We totally agree with you that if you feel Agenda isn’t a great fit, you shouldn’t be paying for it just to give it a try later or prevent that you loose access to what you have now. We definitely hope you keep an eye on Agenda to see if it improves to the point you do feel it’s a good fit for you.

Well, I’m not willing to begin a debate about “Sorting by title” usefulness but perhaps you should take a look to your immediate competitors and see how ALL of them have it implemented (in most cases by default). Maybe the majority of your users won’t use it but probably they won’t use Apple pencil drawings either and it’s on the list of features you’re currently working on.


(not to say we don’t want to add the possibility, we do as @drewmccormack mentioned above).