Have you thought about localisation?
I’m at ease with English language, but a whole audience woud open if Agenda could be installed in other languages…

Bye. And compliments!
Dario Delpiano

The features we are working on right now…
Czech - Willing to translate

Plus 1 in favor of localization, German!


And Italian, obviously!
I’m from Italy… :slight_smile:


One more request for italian language here!


We hope to start bringing localized versions of Agenda in the near future.


+1 for German. If you need help, feel free to contact me.


I’d be happy with a dutch version, but that shouldn’t be a problem I guess.


And Polish please :slight_smile:


A German version would be great. I might be of help with that. Please contact me if you are interested.


+1 for german localization,

Native speaker offers help.
You can contact me if needed.

greetings from the Rhine-Valley


I’ll volunteer for Catalan localisation.

I can do European Spanish too, but I’d rather prioritise Catalan.


I can help localize the whole app to Arabic.


+1 for Russian.


Chinese。简体中文 and 繁體中文。


+1 en français !


I volunteer for translating Agenda to Czech language. I offer you no-nonsense translation. Czech language has many nasty corners making it practically machine untranslatable. I am native speaker. Feel free to contact me at any point of development. Yes, for free (or not? :slight_smile: ).


+1 more for Russian.


+1 Portuguese



+1 for Klingon. :wink:


I can do it for Spanish (Argentina here, but should be good for everywhere else)