About the new improvements

There are many and huge improvements on the app during the last months. After the rich text editing featured that were introduced I am wondering. Is agenda oriented towards a more complete text editing app? I mean, I am a chemistry teacher and with the addition of easily accessed subscripts and superscript as well as the new export options I think that it can almost replace Microsoft word for my document creation for my students. Amazing work anyway.

I just want to ask, can agenda be your go to document creation app? It can sure be your reminder and everyday note app better than anything else on the store. But can it be the app to refer to when you want to create big and serious documents?

Glad to hear you like the improvements!

Is agenda oriented towards a more complete text editing app?

In short, probably not, we don’t have the intention to make it into a word processor that could fully replace Word or Pages. If you are thinking about writing essays, reports, and novels etc you are probably better off to stick with something more dedicated like the before mentioned two, or something more specific like Ulysses, Manuscripts or Scrivener. Agenda’s focus is on note-taking and trying to replicate all the features needed to turn it into that kind of word processor would bloat a great note-taking experience while probably still not being enough to fully replace Word or the others.

Now that’s not to say we don’t want to further improve the text editing experience of Agenda of course. A couple of things come to mind:

  • making it easier to format text (there are keyboard shortcuts btw for super and subscript), like the recently added improvements to the keyboard bar on iOS and a similar upcoming improvement of the gutter popover that is planned for mac.

  • offer more text formatting options like the block quotes, text highlighting, etc mentioned in The features we are working on right now…, but also longer term the abilities to choose a theme with different font style etc.

  • improving the performance of Agenda so it can better handle longer notes and projects

I guess this will already bring it much further on the path you’re asking for, whether it will be enough to turn Agenda into doubling as a tool to create big and serious documents we’ll have to see, as the definition of big and serious is different for everyone of course.

Hope that helps!


I have been using it for all of my graduate courses and it works very, very well. I use Whale browser, which has a built in web clipper. This means that when I open a powerpoint in the browser or watch a webinar, I can take clips of slides, etc, paste them quickly into Agenda, and then take notes below the clipping. The bonus part is that I can tag each line item individually if I desire. All that is missing for me right now is a page in Agenda that shows all tags, with the ability to create sub-tags. Really love how well this app lends itself to academic work.

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