Integrations with Contacts from iOS and macOS



It’s a very well done app. But i might suggest one additional feature: being so nice to add notes to an event/meeting, it would be very useful to add also the people involved in that meeting. Later i could search for that particular contact and see all the history with him.

The features we are working on right now…

I second this feedback idea. The ability to link notes with Contacts is a great idea. If one could also utlize tags in conjuction with contacts, that would be brilliant.

For instance: if I have a friend who is extremely into Ferrari, I could make a note that both tags that friend’s contact info in iOS/MacOS, and includes the tag Ferrari. Then I could later search the Ferrari tag and see all notes that share that tag, which would include any contacts that have that interest.


Note that you can already make special people tags (eg @Tom). In future we would like to integrate this more with contacts. Thanks for the feedback!