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I know you’re building for iOS first, but I’d still like to add my vote for an Android version in the not-so-distant future. My workflow is be split between MacOS, iOS and Android, so I’ll have a hard time comitting to using Agenda full-on until I know it’ll support Android phones


Seconding this. Hard to justify subscribing to premium if I can’t use it on my phone!

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Thanks for your feedback, as you say we won’t do an Android version in the immediate future, but we are not ruling out doing an Android app in the future. Just not right now, because we already have a lot to do for iOS and macOS.


come on, just do it #agenda4android

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We are a small nonprofit with teams distributed across the U.S. I’ve only been using Agenda for two days, but I can totally see this replacing our current project management platform (Asana).

Some of us are “on” Android. So we couldn’t make this switch right now. But I’d like to! #agenda4android

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I am ready to get the premium. I’d be even willing to pay 2x the price if there were an Android version.

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I think that it would be a huge leap to make from iOS and macOS to Android and/or web, especially considering the mountain of things that are still to come for the iOS and macOS versions. In light of that I wouldn’t expect this soon

The lack of Android or web support and the use of Apple’s file sync are show-stoppers for me and about 80% of the people on my teams (cross-functional SaaS product dev). I think Agenda has great value in certain scenarios, but I’m stuck with Evernote unless Agenda makes a big pivot.

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Hi mekentosj, paying customers here.
Agenda is fantastic but would really appreciate an android version.

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Seconded. One of the most important aspects of a premium productivity app is usability on multiple platforms.

We understand that there are many things that you guys still want to work on wrt iOS and macOS, but making an Android app will really improve your visibility 10 fold, if not a 100 fold, and paying customers would be very happy.

I think not giving Android a priority is a huge oversight by the Agenda team. The competition on iOS is huge, not only do they have the default apple notes but they have bear notes, notability and many other apps. The Agenda is a very different and nice take on notes but I cannot justify the purchase unless they are cross-platform. Hope you come up with an Android app soon.


Or at least make a plugin to MS OneNote, that way I can carry over notes from Agenda to my Android OneNote

Another ex-iPhone Android phone user here who’d like to see an Android app! If you could move away from iCloud Drive then not only would it allow cross-platform sync, but also fix the problem whereby people want to use Agenda on personal and work devices with different iCloud accounts. :grinning:

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I’d like to use Agenda on Android too! Up!

I’m using an Android phone and a Mac computer. I use Agenda on my Mac but I need to capture things in my phone, too. For now I’m using a mix between Google Keep and Agenda, but I would like to have an Android app. Thank you!

Have the team at Agenda made the Android app available? I see nothing similar in the Google Play Store. How the hell do you make direct contact with these guys? I was reviewing it with my team, thinking that the android/app already existed, and would have liked to put in an enhancement request for integration with Slack.

Thought? Comments… please?

Alas, we would love to have Agenda available for Android one day but it won’t be in the immediate future I’m afraid, see also The features we are working on right now…

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Just putting more pressure over this capuccino. Also have my work stuff split between macOS and Android. So understand fully when you say there’d be difficulties for supporting an Android version, but this is absolutely a must-need for me!

+1 Just start using Agenda for 2days, really need to sync with my andriod phone


Just adding to the list of Android/iOS users. I’d gladly pay for an Android subscription in addition to my iOS subscription(not a Mac user). A web version would be great too, and a great stop-gap to support Windows, Linux and Android as you evaluate what platform to address next.

Love the product. Replacing Notability for my general and project note taking. I fund Agenda much easier to organize my chaotic project schedule.

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