Windows Support

Hello Development team, is there a view to add support using other operating systems? My company is looking to migrate from Apple back to windows which means this app becomes redundant.


We may add others in the future, but not in the short term. At the moment our focus is on improving the Apple apps. Sorry I don’t have better news.

Hi Drew.

Understand you guys need to prioritize, but long-term I’d like to add a vote to Agenda supporting Windows. I’m a mac user, but most companies operate on Windows and it would be great to be able to sync Agenda onto my work PC. Alternatively, maybe you could look at a web app that can run in the browser?

I think these options could considerably grow your user base.


We’ll definitely keep the option open for the longer term indeed, thanks for the feedback!


I’m in the same situation; almost graduated from university now, but I’ll almost certainly work in a company that’s on windows, and will provide me with a Windows laptop. I understand why it’s not an immedately priority, but I hope it will be considered sometime in the future when the macOS app is well matured :slight_smile:

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I use Agenda on my phone and on my macbook at home, but I would like to add my vote for a Windows or web version for the office. Keep up the good work anyway!


I’ll just add my vote for a Windows version. I am a long time Windows user, and whilst I like Agenda, being able to use it in Windows, would make it far more accessible for me. An I Pad or iPhone is fine for quick notes and refreshing memory, but. Desktop is needed for any serious work.


I don’t care so much about a special Windows version but a Web portal/interface opens up all platforms and wider user acceptance.


I have been using Agenda app. I really enjoy using it. I use it on my phone and Ipad. The only thing that holds me back from giving a 5 star rating is that I can’t use it on my pc. This is such an amazing project and I have tried almost all. If there is anyway to be able to access access on my pc. I would be grateful. I am hanging in there. I don’t want to have to go back to One Note. I would love to stay with agenda. Thanks for your hard work


+1 for me
I just discovered your app and it seems really well done.
The only real problem as of now is that it only works on Apple system; i use both windows and mac machines for work, and it’s not optimal to have to switch to my phone / ipad to catch up notes when on my windows pc.
A windows desktop app (or at least a web interface) is a must have for me


Also want to add my vote for a web/browser interface. When you do this, I will upgrade to Premium. Not before.

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Just new to Agenda, currently working on a Mac but probably will have to move to Windows again. I would be great to have at least a web app version. Keep up the good work. Thanks!

Here is another vote for a web/browser interface that does not rely on what OS you run, (or windows desktop app). I run windows and really like this whole Agenda thing - but it’s a deal breaker for me, not being able to get to the lists via a browser. I’ll return and try again if that can be accomplished.

I am also new to Agenda, and I would like to see a browser version or app that would run on Windows. Todoist enables me to work on either my pc or iOS device. I hope Agenda will likewise provide me such capability soon.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Would add my upvote for a web / windows version here. One massive use for this app is taking notes in meetings, which one can then take into other apps, but can’t do that now in windowed places.
Thanks, regards.

Another vote for a Windows version. I use my iPad and iPhone for both work and personal stuff, but my work PC runs on Windows and it would be great to be able to tie all of that together.
~ Jim